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3C Cue advice
Hi all Pros!
I'm going to buy a new 3C cue but I don't know which brand is the best choice.So,today I post a thread to ask you for some advice.I usually played with my cue which be made by a famous cue maker in my country.It was a good cue with good price (about 300USD).Now,I wanna try another one from a famous brand but my budget is about 450 USD.I'm having 3 choices to consider:
1.Buy an ADAM Pro ACSS shaft from ADAM JAPAN and built a butt from a cue maker in my country.It totally cost 440 USD
2.Buy a Hanbat Plus-6 cue with Plus5 shaft (about 370 USD)
3.Buy a Molinary sneaky pete cue with Predator 314 3C-shaft (about 400USD)
I tried a plus5 shaft,it worked great but I've never tried an ADAM pro ACSS or Predator 314 3C (I had a Predator pool cue and its 314 shaft was very good for me) so I can't make a comparison to decide.Could you please give me some advices about each shaft with your experience?
I'm look foward to hearing from you.Thank you so much :)
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