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How can we avoid spoilers in the video section?
Hi all, I'm a long-time Kozoom fan and subscriber and really love the production value and wonderful content being updated into the site. The only issue I have with it is that, typically I cannot follow the matches live and I really enjoy following the competitions in offline mode, by watching the published videos of the matches.

Unfortunately, most of the times, there are small video interviews (also great value, by the way) that ruin the surprise to me. In other words, most of the inverviews have titles that contain spoilers about the result of the match.

Is there any way to get a spoiler free video list? Can the Kozoon admins maybe consider the option to publish the inverviews and the matches into different categories (so I can filter each) or, at least, use video descriptions that do not contain the result of the video with the previous match?

Again, thanks so much and please keep the great work. Billiard fans definitevely enjoy and need this site and the wonderful service!!!
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