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Gretillat Xavier
I had a dream ... the first step has become reality!

Since 16th February, my home practices will be broadcast free Live on the Internet, accessible on my website of course, but also on Carombooks and YouTube partner. The Chat function is accessible from the platform YouTube, where you can post your messages and your questions, I will try to answer during my breaks. The sound will be turn off whenever this is necessary to protect my private home life.

On this page, you’ll find a message if I’m online or not. Do you want to know the schedule of Live ? It is very simple. At the beginning of each Live, a message will be generated automatically on Twitter and all those who follow me will receive a notification on their smartphone. The message from Twitter will share on Google+ and Facebook. Follow me on Twitter and stay informed beginnings and ends of Live!

This Live is a sharing of knowledge and skills that I wish free. He nevertheless required a financial investment in hardware, not to mention the time required to resolve all technical problems ... If you like this idea and enjoy this sharing of knowledge on a global scale, you can support this initiative and help me develop this project. How? Look the page dedicated for this project

With this technology, it is possible for me to offer you a private Live! You are far from me, thousands of kilometers? `Others continents ? Would you like assistance or a distance learning course for yourself? Or with your friends ? Or with members of your association? You would like the content you decide, with all the comments and explanations, all the answers to your questions in Live ? Now you can! Available in English, French and German. Just send me an email for more information

If other international players reading this and join me to this kind of project, classic games or three cushions players, you can email me. Imagine a community of players around the world sharing their knowledge and you, passionate billiard players, you just have to click on one of the players currently in line to follow him... it would not be wonderful?
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