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During the World Cup in Vietnam, watching again the article about wild cards, of UMB regulations, where part of it was deleted by F. R. - F. B. On 9/6/2015, I found out that the "cooker" has put it back.
So now, it is again like it was before, but at least he can not change the date and the signatures of the first modification.
Was it my publishing? Was it because other members "pulled" his ear? Did he regret it?
Who knows....
Of course he can claim now, that he didn't change ever anything.
But he never refused it, when I first published in Kozoom and Facebook his "cooking ".
I believe it's very serious when a member of any board, is accused of something, especially when it's not true. This member should at least make a statement, because I was very clear, when I wrote, that "if anything of what I publish, is not true, I challenge anybody to state that I am wrong, so I can ask for apology".
But of course nobody dared to.
As I see, the facts show, that he is free to make any modification, without any permission of the majority of UMB board, or any help or advice from the players association.
As about them, I wonder....they are so indifferent, or they "obey" to the "system"?
And I ask again...this man wants to be now our president, at the elections in Cairo, on 15/1/2016?
But in about 2 years he must retire.
If of course he will not try again to change the rules about age limit, as he did try last year.
And unfortunately, on UMB meetings, the big majority of the federations, have not the possibility to be present. So their votes (from 4 to 6 votes) will be used by the confederal president, as he wishes.
This means, 4 persons, control the majority of the votes....
I must say this is not fair system.
Of course there is a possibility, for a federation which can't be present, to transfer their votes, to an other federation.
But as we know for so many years, the majority of the more than 70 federations, who actually have the right to vote, are so indifferent and the result is, that just a few persons, rule as they want.....
I just say, shame to the federations, who will give their vote, to the old, boring and tired establishment, the monopoly protectors and supporters
Pavlos Zachariadis
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