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Appeal for the return of Semih the magician

Posted by on August 13, 2012

Appeal for the return of Semih the magician

© Billar Colombiano
Semih Sayginer was the shining start at the Grand Prix in Bogota.

BOGOTA - The followers of the international billiard circuit and the writers on the billiard sites have almost begged for the return of one of the most shining billiard stars in the world. Semih Sayginer yesterday won the Grand Prix Intercontinental in Bogota (2-1 in the final against his compatriot Tayfun Tasdemir) and after an impressive semi-final against Eddy Leppens (2-0/2.727/2.200).

,,Can we please, please see the return of the 'Turkish Delight' to the international circuit'', Bert van Manen wrote on one of the most famous billiard sites.,,Not because of his trickshots or his big, big smile, but because he is (having been away from competition for 4 seasons) still easily is one of the 10 best three cushion players in the world.''

The magician himself will read it with a big grin on his face, but it will not change his mind. Because we all know Semih has disappeared from the international podium after a conflict with the billiard board in his own country. He always has persevered that when there are new elections and there will new people in the board, he will make his come back.

That hasn't happened in all those years and that's is a great loss for the three cushion world. We could see it one more time at the Grand Prix in Bogota, where the fantastic Semih Sayginer showed that he still is a brilliant player.

The Turkish prince played a masterful tournament, with high averages and with a demonstration of his unprecedented arsenal of fantastic caroms.

He was the best of all in a field with many Colombians, three Europeans, of whom Dani Sánchez was quickly outplayed by Julian Morales, Tayfun Tasdemir, whom he defeated in the final, although in moderate match and Eddy Leppens that he beat in a wonderful semifinal. In that match he came to his best average 2.727.

Three of the four Europeans were in the semifinals of the tournament, only the Colombian Julian Morsales suprised with a strong performance and the elimination of Dani Sánchez.

Daniel Morales, who ended the thirteenth, sparkled with the highest average match (3.000) and the highest run (12) of the tournament.

The final ranking and averages:
1 Semih Sayginer, 1.513, 2 Tayfun Tasdemir, 1.309, 3 Eddy Leppens, 1.397, 4 Julian Morales, 1.263, 5 Pedro Gonzalez, 1.544, 6 Alexander Salazar, 1.086, 7 Jaime Montoya, 1.000, 8 Miguel Romero, 1.033, 9 Luis A. Martinez, 10 Jose Garcia, 11 Heriberto Aristazabal, 13 Carlos Campino, 14 Henry Diaz, 15 Robinson Morales, 16 Alejandro Piza. 18 Dani Sánchez (1.486).

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My Comments

Carom billiard world and board people should now understand that they need players like Semih to be much more popular in the visional arena. Current circumstance explains that average is important but not solely enough for this. If it would not be so, Caudron who playes 2,0 average would be earning much more than 5.000 euro for a tournament. Spectators would like to see new shots and caroms and also impressive players who have sightly styles on the table.

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