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Billiards is a madhouse in Carom Cafe

Posted by on August 9, 2017

Billiards is a madhouse in Carom Cafe

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The Korean Haeng-Jik Kim in his match with the old American Jerry Geist: 25-0!!

NEW YORK - How was your day sir, you played a nice game of billiards? The 74 year old, always friendly and kind American just leaves the arena and looks at the scoreboard with a smile. The young Korean Haeng-Jik Kim just met the old American Jerry Geist: 25-0! Just one result from one of the eleven match tables in the famous Carom Cafe in New York. And also: Marco Janssen, a Belgian sub top player, sweeping a German opponent from the table: 25-1!

What a madhouse

So you travel, like Roger Schaewe, from Germany to New York to play three cushion. You pay over 300 dollars to play with the big boys of the game.... And you not even play one of the best guys from Belgium, no more illusions... 25-1.

How about... a madhouse. Dong-Koong Kang, praised in the world of three cushion for his great technical skills, pushing his yellow ball from the table. And believe it or not: in the next inning, not only the yellow, also the red ball pushed from the table on the carpet.

Was there anything more to report on this second day? Certainly, because there were more crazy things. The young Dutchman Raymon Groot and the young Korean Mi Rae Lee are unbeaten on top in one of the 22 groups. The number three in the group, with one loss party? Eddy Merckx, double world champion in three cushion.

What about Ton van Heumen, a rather unknown Dutch player, for the first time in New York, lost his luggage and his cue during his fligt and meets Therese Klompenhouwer, the world's ladies number one. And beats her 25-17!

What do you think about this? The veteran Young Gull Lee (0.735) and the Cambodian beauty Srong Pheavy (0.782) are almost certainly placed. Former American champion Mazin Shooni (0.929) needs a little miracle to move on as the third in that group.

Who are almost sure to move up to the 56 semi finalists after two of three days in the prelims?

Group A:
Huberney Cataño 3-61.172-5
Group B:
Anh Vu Duong 4-8-1.613-8
Group D:
Sonny Cho 3-6-1.250-7
Group E:
Minh Cam Ma 4-8-1.786-8
Group F:
Sameh Sidhom 4-8-1.563-9
Group G:
Allan Jensen 4-8-0.971-9
Group I:
Luis Aveiga 4-8-0.990-7
Chan Ho Park 3-6-0.948-5
Group J:
Martin Olesen 4-8-0.926-5
Group K:
Young Gull Lee 4-8-0.735-6
Group M:
Martin Horn 4-8-1.667-11
Group N:
Raymon Great 4-8-1.266-7
Group O:
Wan Young Choi 4-8-1.429-6
Group P:
Jung-Han Heo 4-8-1.724-11
Tay-Dien Truong 4-8-0.839-8
Group Q:
Gerhard Kostistansky 4-8-1.090-9
Group R:
Haeng-Jik Kim 4-8-1.587-10
Natsumi Higashiuchi 4-8-0.943-8
Group T:
Dong-Koong Kang 3-6-1.500-6
Group U:
Quyet Chien Tran 4-8-1.818-7
Group V:
Dinh Nai Ngo 3-6-1.471-10

Have some work to do on the last day:
Group A: Marco Janssen with 4 out of 3 and 1.237
Group C: Hugo Patino with 4 out of 3 and 0.986
Group D: Peter Ceulemans with 4 out of 3 and 0.899
Group E: Michael Kang with 4 out of 4 and 1.114
Group G: Semih Sayginer with 6 out of 3 and 1.338
Group H: Eddy Leppens with 6 out of 3 and 1.282
Group J: Ramon Rodriguez with 6 out of 3 and 1.371
Group K: Sruong Pheavy with 6 out of 3 and 0.782
Group L: Nguyen Quoc Nguyen with 4 out of 2 and 1.389, Bert of men with 4 out of 3 and 0.807
Group M: Pedro Reyes with 6 out of 3 and 0.850
Group N: Eddy Merckx with 6 out of 3 and 1.352, Mi Rae Lee with 6 out of 3 and 0.856
Group O: Roland Forthomme with 6 out of 3 and 1.391, Tae Kyu Lee with 6 out of 3 and 1.253
Group Q: Therese Climber with 4 out of 4 and 0.935, Toshio Mochizuki with 6 out of 4 and 0.807, Ton van Heumen with 6 out of 4 and 0.611
Group S: Miguel Torres with 6 out of 3 and 0.974
Group T: Wesley de Jaeger with 4 out of 3 and 1.058.

Eddy Merckx has some work to do to be on top of the group

Semih Sayginer, one win to be in the next round

Cambodjan lady Sruong Pheavy, almost qualified in a group with Eddy Merckx


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