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Billiards new style: from Blankenberge to Korea

Posted by on May 30, 2018

Billiards new style: from Blankenberge to Korea

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Raymond Ceulemans, the legend, looking forward to the Belgian World Cup return

BLANKENBERGE - The press conference, not far from the Casino, first was about the World Cup in Blankenberge from 11 to 17 June. Then, it also looked forward to the new series of three Masters tournaments. Kurt Ceulemans gave an insight into the tournament in the Belgian coastal town, of which he himself, Jan Peeters and Xavier Carrer of Kozoom are the three main organizers. ,,I hope we can enjoy our Belgian and European world top players for at least ten more years, but also retain publicity and promotion throughy this World Cup for the future, to be able to compete with the Asian invasion.''

Kurt Ceulemans made a fervent plea during the press conference: ,,The youth must be made enthusiastic again, we want to entertain the audience, put three-cushion in this new era in the spotlights in a special way.'' These are the spearheads of the Worldcup Belgium Billiards. In the Blankenberge Casino, transformed into a billiard arena with eight wonderful Rafale tables of Gabriëls, where players from seventeen countries compete in the third World Cup tournament this year with a total prize money of 106.500 euro.

Kurt Ceulemans: ,,The schedule and the field of participants does not differ much from previous World Cups with 14 seeded players, three wildcards, 64 protected players, 26 players (Belgians) registered from the organization and a total of 149 players.'' Behind the table during the press conference are two people: Kurt Ceulemans and Jan Peeters. ,,We have a small board, with also Xavier Carrer on behalf of Kozoom for the tournament days. The UMB, the world federation, and Kozoom are major sponsors for all World Cup organizers: they make an important contribution to the organization costs and the prize money.''

Jan Peeters: ,,The Belgians have a great reputation in organizing World Cup and World championships. We still have the world's best three-cushion players in our ranks and a tournament with world fame should not be missed. We are therefore very happy that we return to the calendar with this World Cup in Blankenberge.''

The innovations on the calendar and in the total world's three-cushion will later be even better seen in the Masters cycle and the Ceulemans Cup, two new phenomena for the top players and the audience. The World's top players, invited by the UMB for those tournaments, are looking forward to the new concept. The Masters tournaments, with 24 invitation players and a never-before-seen concept, will more than ever launch the new style of billiards.

Three tournaments in total in 2018, probably two in South Korea and one in Europe, are played with the 20 best players in the world ranking with four wildcards added. The 20 players after the World Cup in Ho Chi Minh are invited and come into action one month after the World Cup Blankenberge in the first Masters from 12 to 15 July in Seoul. In the Ceulemans Cup, later this year, the best eight Europeans play against the best eight Asians.

The Ceulemans Cup, like the Mosconi Cup in pool, is a clash between Europeans and Asians. Eight players from each continent face each other in a kind of chase. The playing system will be announced later. Raymond Ceulemans, the namesake, thinks this Europe/Asian meeting will enrich the calendar. ,,We are waiting for a great year, starting with the World Cup here in Blankenberge. Belgian billiards is back on the calendar, that should give a huge boost to billiards in our country.''

The Facebook page of the World Cup is provided by the members of DE LIVING, four people from the ADL competition with a heart for billiards. The website:

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