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Billiards on historic ground in Luxor

Posted by on January 7, 2014

Billiards on historic ground in Luxor

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The World Cup in Luxor: billiards will meet history

LUXOR - The World Cup cycle, already with six tournaments in 2014, has been further extended. The historic city of Luxor in Egypt is announced as a new organizer, in addition to the traditional World Cup in Hurghada. The new World Cup, from 23rd to 29th of March, is already on the calendar of the UMB.

The billiards world is pleasantly surprised by the new event. The World Cup, in an environment with many historical monuments, gives a new dimension to the global cycle. The tournament series is now travelling along Istanbul, Luxor, Athens, Korea, Antwerp, Medellin and Hurghada.

Kozoom had an interview with Alsharif Alhussein, the new chairman of the African confederation and vice president of UMB about the new initiative.

Kozoom/Frits Bakker: First of all, what a huge surprise, a second World Cup in Egypt?
Alsharif Alhussein: ,,Yes indeed, a second World Cup, I know it was unexpected for a lot of people, but I do not consider such an event a huge surprise. Egypt is organizing international billiards events and World Cups since many years. We now have the expertise and the know how to organize a second World Cup in Luxor.''

Kozoom/FB: How long have you been working, when did you start the plans for this event? And when did you receive the commitment of the UMB?
Alsharif: ,,We have been working on this event since the Hurghada World Cup in December 2013. The success of this event, in difficult times, gave us the confidence that we can make it again. We shared the idea with the UMB and also got the support of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Federation sponsors.''
,,The agreement of the UMB came two days ago and I must say that without the help and very cooperative support of the UMB, this event could not been launched on the sport calendar of 2014.''

Kozoom/FB: How does the organization of this World Cup looks like, the same as Hurghada?
Alsharif: ,,The only difference between this World Cup and the previous Hurghada tournaments is that the organizers are UMB/ACC not CEB, because of the creation of the new African Carom Confederation.''

Kozoom/FB: What a wonderful, historic area to organize a World Cup?
Alsharif: ,,Yes, for sure, Luxor has been frequently characterized as the World's greatest open air museum with the temples of Luxor and Karnak within the modern city. On the other bank of the River Nile you can find the Valley of the Kings and the Queens and lots of other splendid monuments.''

Kozoom/FB: How would you describe the city of Luxor as a tourist resort. Which are the most famous and historic places to visit for people who come to the World Cup.
Alsharif: ,,I can invite everyone to come to Luxor and you will not regret it. The monuments are everywhere, the weather is splendid, the River Nile has an exceptional scenery, you will all enjoy your stay and the welcoming spirit of every one in Luxor.''

Kozoom/FB: Luxor is a city of nearly half a million people. What kind of a period is this, the end of March, for tourism?
Alsharif: ,,Luxor is situated in upper Egypt and this area is hot in summer. The touristic high season is always between October and April so in March everybody will enjoy nice, sunny days and not very cold nights. Most of the people in Luxor are working in tourism business, they know how to nicely welcome tourists in the city.''

Kozoom/FB: Where will the World Cup been organized, the place, the room? And how're you going to show this beautiful area of Egypt to the world through the eyes of the billiard sport?
Alsharif: ,,Well, concerning the hotel and rooms we will announce all the details on the UMB website. I can assure you that this tournament will be a nice mixture of sport and tourism. We are preparing for an unforgettable event.''

Kozoom/FB: Do you expect a big rush of players, as for the Hurghada World Cup? When will the inscriptions be opened? And what can you tell about reservations?
Alsharif: ,,I expect this tournament will be fully booked, like Hurghada. We will announce all the details shortly on the UMB website.''

Kozoom/FB: What was the reaction of the UMB, being asked for another World Cup on a full calendar this year?
Alsharif: ,,The UMB was very welcoming and very cooperative with the demand of Egypt to organize a second World Cup in Luxor. I believe that the UMB has the full confidence in the organizing capabilities of the Egyptian federation.''

Kozoom/FB: How is it possible that big billiard countries (as France, Netherlands, Germany) don't manage to organize a World Cup and Egypt has even two tournaments on this year's calendar?
Alsharif: ,,As you know Egypt went through some difficult times concerning the tourism business and with the help and understanding of the Egyptian authorities for the importance of sport as a tourist attraction, it was possible to get all the help and cooperation needed from everybody.''

Kozoom/FB: Are the preparations in full swing? It's actually quite a short time to organize, now ten weeks before the start.
Alsharif: ,,With the cooperation of all the Egyptian authorities and sponsors, I believe ten weeks are enough for us, but as you say, the preparations are in full swing.''

Kozoom/FB: Will there be an external input again from referees again like in Hurghada?
Alsharif: ,,We always considered the external referees as a part of our organizing team. They are always welcomed in Egypt, especially in such an event. We were already in contact with a lot of them and I can say they are all very happy with the good news that we invited them to come to Luxor.''

Kozoom/FB: How does the accommodation looks like for people who want to visit this World Cup? And what kind of climate can they expect at that time of the year?
Alsharif: ,,The accommodations details will be published soon. We are negotiating now for the best hotels, prices and offers, as we are also for the best touristic formulas for players, friends and families. We will publish the details shortly.''

Kozoom/FB: What is your conclusion in advance? That it's going to be an unforgettable World Cup?
Alsharif: ,,Dear friends of Kozoom and others. I can say it will be an unforgettable World Cup for all participants. This will be an event where billiards meets history, so don't miss it and come to Egypt, where history was born.''

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