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Curious scores and matches in Belgian three cushion

Posted by on October 11, 2017

Curious scores and matches in Belgian three cushion

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Eddy Leppens showed up in an amazing match with Glenn Hofman

DEURNE - The fifth day in the Belgian three cushion league was marked by a few curious scores and matches. The encounter between Eddy Leppens and Glenn Hofman fired imagination. The spectators in De Deken in Merkksem will remember the incredible and bizarre final part. The two main players in this round drew after a fascinating finish: 50-50 in 20. There were some other remarkable performances on the fifth day of play: Gerwin Valentijn came back from a hopeless score against Francis Forton in the last five innings. Jef Philipoom started for his Deurne team with 16, Roland Forthomme ran into a striking weak Martin Horn (50-19 in 21) and Ad Koorevaar scored with 14 the second best day run.

The highlight of this week was the cracker between Glenn Hofman and Eddy Leppens. The session already started impressive: Leppens led 21-8 in three over Hofman and Philipoom, at the other table, started with 16 in his first inning. Things were looking well for BC Deurne, the leader of the competition, that went into a break with a 4 -0 led by victories of Jean van Erp and Davy van Havere over Roland Uijtdewillegen (42-38) and Ivan Stitschinsky (42-31).

The spectacle still came from Leppens and Hofman in one of the most thrilling matches in five weeks so far. Eddy Leppens certainly will have rethought his previous performance in Deurne, last year in the match against Torbjörn Blomdahl. ,,I was 24-0 behind in three, but after eight innings the score was 41-25 in my favour.'' With among others an 18-run, Leppens won the match in 14.

What Leppens did to Blomdahl himself, did Glenn Hofman now to the Belgian: the Dutchman survived 21-8 and 30-10 behind at the break and returned sensationally to 39-36 in the decisive part. What happened then, was even more amazing. Hofman seemed to finish in 19th, but missed after 12 points, bringing the score 39-48. Leppens then went to the table for the 20th inning and and reached the finish with 11. And Hofman levelled the score with two from the spots: 50-50 in 20!! Jef Philipoom was never in danger vs Barry van Beers and won 50- 28 in 26. BC Deurne therefore won 7-1 and is leading the ranking: 9 points, followed by De Goeie Queue and Mister 100 with 8 points and Herentals and Quality with 6 points.

The match was very special for Glenn Hofman, because he couldn't play last week due to a painful back. He showed that it wasn't a disadvantage, because he also beat Caudron in the Netherlands last Sunday in 18 innings. ,,We all know that some players have to train a lot and others just a little. For the players that have to perform in many matches, it's difficult to practice all days. Because, when I look at my program in the run-up to the World championship in Bolivia, I must play 13 matches in 15 days.''

Eddy Leppens assured after the match: ,,I could respond well tot the 12 run of Glenn, with some good points. But Glenn went out with a very difficult second point in the equalizer. The evening was really enjoyable for everyone who was there. I was happy, in fact, that Glenn could draw, because he certainly deserved it. I'd rather like to win, of course, but Glenn is already very well for quite a while, so 50-50 was okay.''

Gerwin Valentijn also had an exceptionally strong finish in the match against Francis Forton. The player from Brussels led 46 to 19 in 19 innings, but Valentijn showed his mettle in the final part with 10-6-8-6 to 50-47. Biljart Express won the match against De Witte Molen 6-2.

The players with the maximum win, ten points out of five laps, are Jef Philipoom and Wesley de Jaeger. Dirk Weeremans, Leslie Menheer and Rudy Persijn didn't score so far. Glenn Hofman (2.500), Eddy Leppens (2.500), Roland Forthomme (2.380), Frédéric Caudron (2.272) and Jef Philipoom (1.923) were the best performers this week.

For Mister 100 Lier, Kurt, Raymond and Bart Ceulemans took the wins, for De Goeie Queue, Caudron, De Jaeger and Hermans were successful.

The top of the ranking:
1 Deurne 5-9
2 De Goeie Queue and Mister 100 5-8
4 Quality and Biljart Express 5-7
6 BC Herentals 5-6.

Glenn Hofman, amazing come-back and a draw against Leppens

Jef Philipoom started with 16 and is still unbeaten

Wesley de Jaeger, five matches, five wins



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