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Danish bulldozer rolling over Caudron team

Posted by on June 8, 2018

Danish bulldozer rolling over Caudron team

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The Danish BK Gröndal team reached a high level in the pre-rounds

PORTO - The Danish team of BK Gröndal has knocked down another favorite for the European Cup podium. Dion Nelin, Jacob Haack Sörensen, Brian Knudsen and Tonny Carlsen defeated French champion La Baule with the maximum score 8-0. The Danes were all in top form and showed that with high runs and great averages. Dion Nelin shone against Caudron (40-31 in 16), Jacob Haack Sörensen was a way better than Bury (40-13 in 17), Brian Knudsen bested De Bruijn (40-14 in 17) and Tonny Carlsen was a cool killer for Mikael Devogelaere. It was the match of the pre-rounds in which Gröndal showed his high class to La Baule on all fronts.

The comments of the Danish key players afterwards:
Dion Nelin: ,,I am mega happy, especially by the way we won.''
Jacob Haack-Sörensen: ,,How wonderful that we deliver such a performance when it is really needed.''
Brian Knudsen: "Amazing, such a convincing win against a strong team."
Tonny Carlsen: ,,What a fantastic team to play in."

The victory, because a draw was enough to qualify, was already done halfway, because Jacob Haack-Sörensen and Brian Knudsen were superior to Jérémy Bury and Jean Paul de Bruijn. Sörensen recorded 21-6, 36-11 and at the end 40-14, Knudsen ran out to 8-1, 20-8 and 40-14. Frédéric Caudron did have a chance until 29-29, led 31-29, but in two innings (10 and 1) Nelin finished the match in style. Tonny Carlsen was also on his best at the end against Devogelaere: at 32-28 down, the Dane finished with 12. BK Gröndal therefore was the great group winner ahead of Cartagena, that won its last game 8-0 and passed La Baule for the second place.

SIS Schoonmaak had already qualified for the finals, but still had a tough final round against BC Deurne. The 73-year-old Ludo Dielis played a leading role with three victories for his team. In the last session, the Belgian even defeated his Deurne captain Glenn Hoffman, 40-16 in 17 innings. Therefore Dielis achieved one of the best matches of the tournament with 2.352 on average. Raimond Burgman beat his opponent in 37 innings, Jeffrey Jorissen was the strongest Hague player with a win in 30 innings.

The Spaniards from Paiporta were groupwinners with 5 match points after two victories and a draw in the last match against Elversberg. Javier Palazón defeated his compatriot and Spanish champion Ruben Legazpi 40-29 in 21 innings. L&B fought for his last chances and defeated Poruba 6-2. Only Dave Christiani lost for the Dutch 40-39 to Radovan Hajek.

The Turks from F.B.N. Tekstil B.S.K won their last match against Ekvita 8-0, including a fantastic match from Tayfun Tasdemir, who defeated Radek Novak 40-11 in 11 innings. Murat Naci Coklu won his match in 19 innings. Varde surprisingly lost 6-2 to ASD Billiards Cafe in his group, Laxou won 8-0 vs. Zurich.

The final groups for Saturday:

Group A:

FC Porto

BK Gröndal


L&B Ledermode

Group B:

F.B.N. Tekstil BSK

SIS Schoonmaak

CB Paiporta



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