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Dick Jaspers and the courage to play

Posted by on June 29, 2012

Dick Jaspers and the courage to play

© Kozoom photo
Frédéric Caudron in a pose before the scoreboard after six sessions.

MARXUQUERA - Two higher runs, first of ten and later thirteen, gave Dick Jaspers the beam that he needed in the first session of the third day. ,,I must dare to play, such as Frédéric sometimes shows it'', he confided in the break during a short talk with Raymond Ceulemans. ,,As he played the bankshot, which was a little to short, it was fantastic, but I wouldn't dare to play it like that. Then I would think, there's no chance that I make it.''

The difference in courage and guts? ,,Yes, but's only the style of playing'', said Jaspers, who after a promising start (to 320-279) was not quit good enough and again trailed 367-301 in 167 innings. ,,We are two different players, Frédéric has his moments in a match that he's not afraid of anything and then he can be hugely impressive. I am a bit more careful, most of the time, he plays some positions, that I only would dare in exhibitions.''

Dick Jaspers has always been a player who needs some time to decide how he will play, taking some risk or no risk, plaing attack or defensive. ,,It's amazing to see, that Frédéric is so fast in finding a great solution, of which I think there is no chance to make the point. But he simply does it, on his feeling, with an incredible courage. That's why he is such a fantastic player.''

He didn't use it as an excuse and en explanation for the backlog after six sessions, because he knows that he can do better and he beat Caudron many times in great matches.

This morning, on the third day, the challenge was launched with a comfortable lead for Caudron: 301-243, a 58 points difference. Jaspers, like yesterday morning, however had a better start than his opponent. It was certainly hopeful that the managed to make some high runs. The world champion made three in this session: ten in the 137th session, 13 (his highest so far) in the 147th and eight in the 151th inning. That brought the gap back to 40 points (328-288), eighteen less than the score with which he started the day.

But Caudron had another great final sprint, which he crowned with a run of eleven to the finish: 367-301.

Score in the sixth session:


Score after the fifth inning: 301-243 (136 innings)

147th inning: 320-266

151st inning: 328-288 (40 points)

159th inning: 344-295

167th inning: 367-301

Difference: 66 points

Averages: Caudron 2.185, Jaspers 1.802.

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