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Frans van Schaik: nothing better than the Masters

Posted by on January 11, 2018

Frans van Schaik: nothing better than the Masters

© Stefan Osnabrug
Frans van Schaik, among the favourite players? Who can beat the big Masters Dick Jaspers?

AMSTERDAM/BERLICUM - The only Dutch world top player in three cushion, Dick Jaspers, surely is the undisputed favourite to win the Masters, the Dutch championship in three cushion. There's no doubt for that with Dick's huge honour role and with 17 Masters victories to his name. But like every year, there are some feared outside players, such as Jean Paul de Bruijn, Raymond Burgman, Glenn Hoffman and maybe, for the first time this year, also Frans van Schaik. The high ranked 'Amsterdammer', winner of a Grand Prix this season in The Hague, is never afraid of some verbal challenges. His main goal this year: Frans van Schaik aims for nothing less than the podium in the Masters this year.

The billiard entertainer in last year's Masters, who took the spotlights with his appearance on the tones of Sweet Caroline, launched his ambitions on the way to the start. The reactions within the billiard world are quite different about that. ,,What does he think, this guy, with his big words'', we could hear in some rival circles. But others say: ,,Wait and see, he can do it, he's 'a player with guts, able to make it to the top.''

On the eve of the Masters (January 11-14 in Den Durpsherd in Berlicum, Brabant), Kozoom didn't opt ​​for the outspoken contender to look forward, not for the reigning titleholder, but for the outside player, the dark horse, for 'Kaderfransie', as he is called jokingly, for the showman, the bluffer. For Frans van Schaik from Amsterdam.

Frans van Schaik
Living in Amsterdam
Born: November 5, 1964
Married to Bianca ('the sweetest wife in the world')
Father of Jordy (17) and Dylan (14) from his current marriage and from Sharon (30) and Dennis (29).
Three grandchildren of 5, 3 and 2.
Former butcher by profession and later working in a café.
From 2012, professional billiard player with a billiard shop and teacher.
Main personal successes so far? In a World Cup's last sixteen and Grand Prix winner in The Hague last year.

Kozoom/Frits Bakker: How does Frans van Schaik prepare for the Masters this year? With other ambitions, different expectations, with much more confidence than last year and in a different role?
Frans van Schaik: I always went to the Masters to make some fun, but this year I'm serious to make a good result. When it doesn't work, then I will never do it again. I don't want to waste my time, man. But for one time, I really go for it and that is now !!!

Kozoom/FB What went wrong last year, when you ended up with a bad average?
FvSchaik: It was all about fun last year, with the entrance, with that hard music, loudly cheered by the audience... nice to entertain those people in this way, great atmosphere, but I forgot my billiards. I did not hit a ball well.

Kozoom/FB: What happened to Frans van Schaik in the intervening year? With the highlight being the Grand Prix victory in The Hague?
FvSchaik: Much more people know me now, after the Masters with my Sweet Caroline song. And of course, I won The Hague, incredibly. I still don't understand why everyone played so bad against me.
Kozoom/FB: What do you think of the Masters as the event it has been in recent years?
FvSchaik: The Masters is a great tournament. I have played them six times now. For me the Masters is the most wonderful tournament of the year. Harry and Ad, the organizers, are a nice couple. I have given them a few tips to improve. What I like so much is that the organization understands what the public wants. Harry and Ad choose very smartly for free entrance, with the risk of a crowded room instead of empty seats. That's great for the sponsors.

Kozoom/FB: Who are your favourites for the Masters. And most of all: how do you rate your chances?
FvSchaik: The main contender is Dick Jaspers, with Raymond Burgman in his shadow. Jaspers is always good. Burgman a little less this year, but always dangerous with his defensive style. And Glenn Hofman is just a little less after two good Masters, so less favourite. Maybe, a surprise comes on stage. And why shouldn't I be able to do it.

Kozoom/FB: Describe what you think about billiards, why it fascinates you?
FvSchaik: Haha, what I think about billiards. A super game to do, but terrible for me to watch. I'm going to die at the billiard table, once, I'm sure.

Kozoom / FB: Do you have other hobbies, favourite sports, favourite players?
FvSchaik: Unfortunately, I never watch billiards at all. Terrible to do. Yes, it doesn't sound good, I know. I prefer to sit at home behind my computer to watch Kozoom and chat. My other hobby is, standing on the soccer field with the boys on Saturday, being a referee and coaching.

Kozoom/FB: You have a billiard school (Biljartschool Holland), where do you teach, how much do you teach? Who are your students, old, young?
FvSchaik: That is my main hobby, teaching, young and old together and very nice if they also perform.

Kozoom/FB: What should be done in billiards if it wants to grow into an international sport with much more status and appeal to youth?
FvSchaik: I think we should separate the classic game types from top three cushion. We should give all the attention to three-cushion if it wants to grow. Just look at the examples in Turkey, Korea and Vietnam. We ruin our best years with youth to be educated in classic games and free play, in the period between 10 to 20 years. Then you are too late to become a good three-cushion player. The best example is Raymund Swertz, but let's hope that he is an exception. He should have started ten years earlier.
Kozoom/FB: Do you have an idea how the Dutch premier league can be organized even better?
FvSchaik: All those foreign midfield players, who come here to play for small money and gain experience, we should get rid of it. They have no name and no one really comes to see them. That is too crazy for words for a sponsor? I recently played with my team, with Coklu against Polychronopoulos, Uymaz against Salman. But we played for eight people in the audience. Come on, man, I say. Look at The Hague and Oosterhout. Local, well-known players and a room full of spectators.

Kozoom/FB: Why does the level of three-cushion still grows, not only among the Asians, but also among top players like Jaspers, Blomdahl, Caudron, Sánchez, Merckx and other European leaders?
FvSchaik: I don't think the European top players will grow anymore, because of their age. But for sure, 'the East' is going to overtake us, because they are younger. They have many years to go, there is a lot of talent, while our fifties will become less in the coming years.

Kozoom/FB: Do we have talents in the Netherlands?
FvSchaik: We have no talents in the Netherlands, or very few. The only four: Raymund Swertz, Glenn Hoffman, Jeffrey Jorissen and Dave Christiani, but they are no longer among the youngest.

Tournament details Jumbo Masters 2018:

The KNBB Jumbo Masters is an organization of Biljart Evenementen Nederland. For the third time the tournament is played in D'n Dorpsherd in Berlicum.
The organization builds an arena with lots of live images, light and sound shows and a smooth presentation.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday the entrance is free.
Kozoom will broadcast live all matches.
Dick Jaspers won the tournament 17 times, Raymond Burgman 4 times.
The winner will receive 3000 euros, the number two 2000, the numbers three and four 1250 euros.
All matches can be followed live on

The group layout:

Group A:
Dick Jaspers
Martien van der Spoel
Barry van Beers
Therese Klompenhouwer

Group B:
Jean Paul de Bruijn
Dave Christiani
Roland Uytdewillegen
Harry van de Ven

Group C:
Frans van Schaik
Raymond Burgman
Jeffrey Jorissen
Huub Wilkowski

Group D:
Glenn Hofman
Jean van Erp
Raymund Swertz
Sander Jonen.

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