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Glenn Hofman, the teams and the chances

Posted by on September 12, 2018

Glenn Hofman, the teams and the chances

© Ton Smilde
The Hague team after the championshilp it took last season

THE HAGUE - The team championship in the Dutch league has been celebrated for a long time in the Hague. Glenn Hofman, the strong front player of SIS Schoonmaak, can still enjoy the the climax in the play-offs in which he took the title with the Hague team. ,,We deserved it, because we were on top all the year and finally finished it off'', he looks back on that memorable day in his view to the new competition in the Buffalo League. SIS Schoonmaak, from the new sponsor Carl Verhoeven, won the final match against HCR Prinsen. Glenn Hofman excelled himself in a fantastic victory over Dick Jaspers. The championship of the Hague team was undoubtedly the title of the team spirit.

Glenn Hofman: ,,We are strong and stable at all positions, that is our main quality. At the end we had the best team average with 1.453 and the individual averages were close together: I played 1.567 over the season, Jean van Erp 1.517, Raimond Burgman 1.453 and Jeffrey Jorissen 1.419. With these four, we enter the new season: and if it all goes well, we will play all matches in the same line-up.''

The competition in the Buffalo League has changed slightly compared to last year. The four best teams at the end of the regular season now play the play-offs: both the semi-finals and the final in a home and away match. The foreigners rule has been maintained: each team is allowed to play with the maximum number of foreigners. The competition starts this Sunday (September 16) and ends on April 21, 2019 with a double schedule. Glenn Hofman has already made his prediction: ,,I think there are four real contenders for the four play-off positions: we, as the champion, HCR Prinsen (Jaspers), L&B Ledermode (Merckx) and STZ Zundert (Forthomme).''

The Buffalo League starts on Sunday with these teams:

SIS Schoonmaak, The Hague, Biljartcafé Jorissen, team leader Cor Trampe

HCR Prinsen, Haarlo, Hotel-café-restaurant Prinsen, team leader Dinand Prinsen

L&B Ledermode, Hoeven, 't Tapperijke, team leader Jeroen Hoogwerf

STZ Zundert, Zundert, Biljartcentrum D'n Hoek, team leader Jan van Kerkoerle

Bousema, Lochem, Café Restaurant Bousema, team leader Ronny Hazewinkel

A1 Biljarts, Apeldoorn, Apeldoorns Biljartcentrum, team leader Addy Wienk, Sluiskil, HCR Dallinga, team leader Berry Dallinga

Team Eekhoorn, Oosterhout, Camping De Eekhoorn, team leader Jerry Hermans

't Hartje Van Wanrooy, Oosterhout, Billiard Center' t Hartje van Oosterhout, team leader Ad Broeders

Aardexpress, Uden, Biljartcentrum Uden, team leader Dirk Thiele

Burgmans Biljarts, Bergeyk, Café De Gouden Leeuw, team leader Johan Roijers

't Ivoor, Boxtel, 't Ivoor Boxtel, team leader Jack van Peer.

Two teams made the step to the highest league: Aardexpress and Burgmans Biljarts, they replace MCR and De Veemarkt, who have been relegated. The Ivoor team takes the place of Danny Molier's team from Vlaardingen, that has withdrawn.

The expectations through the eye of Glenn Hofman on the eve of the competition:

SIS Cleaning:

Glenn Hoffman: ,,We must be able to compete again for the top four places in the same line-up. The strength is that we complement each other. If one player has a bad day, it is compensated by the other players. Moreover, we have the fantastic home audience. The Hague supporters are an extra stimulant when we play at home.''

HCR Prinsen

GH: ,,With players like Dick Jaspers and Eddy Leppens, of course, this is one of the big contenders. The only question is: how many matches will they play in that position, because the international calendar has been expanded. The premier division takes into account the World Cups and world championships, but not the new tournaments that have been added. This Sunday, Dick and Eddy are in South Korea for a Masters tournament, so they are not at full strength. I think Anno de Kleine, Jelle Pijl, Raymond Swertz and Jef Philipoom make it to a strong team as well.''

L&B Ledermode

GH: ,, Last year, they were a real contender for the title, but they did not live up to the expectations. The team even just missed the play-offs, as Eekhoorn finished third in the last weekend with two victories. I think that L&B must be able to take revenge, even though Eddy Merckx, like Sunday, will not be able to play every week due to international obligations. Peter Debacker is the new player as a substitute. Dave Christiani, Gerwin Valentijn and John Tijssens are the basis of the team. It will be tough for many opponents in 't Tapperijke.''

STZ Zundert

GH: ,,The Brabant team is stronger this year, because Peter Ceulemans, who played all matches in Germany last year, now prefers the Netherlands. With Roland Forthomme and Ceulemans they have two strong leaders. Barry and Rik van Beers (instead of Raymon Groot) will usually be the numbers three and four, Roland Uijtdewillegen has greatly improved. They have won the Dutch cup and are certainly a favorite for the playoffs. D'n Hoek's billiard stronghold is always a feared place. They have shown in the cup finals that they have a great team spirit.''

Team Eekhoorn

GH: ,,A strong team in the breadth, they have shown it last year, ending in the top three. We all know how strong Frans van Kuyk is as the leading player, one of the best Dutch three cushion players. Kurt Ceulemans can play very well in his best days. They have changed for positions three and four. Jerry Hermans now plays at three, Kenny Miatton at four. The four players are the weekly line-up. Jack Wijnen is the main substitute. Again a candidate for the top four.''

GH: ,,I expect them in the sub top, for all teams Sluiskil is a feared opponent when they show up in the best line-up, That means with Frédéric Caudron, Jean Paul de Bruijn, Steven van Acker and a fourth man, that can be Raymond Ceulemans, Berry Dallinga or the new player Francis Forton. Don't underestimate this team, but Caudron often has his obligations in far away countries. And then they are vulnerable, as was shown last year.''

Bousema Lochem

GH: ,,The foreign players in the team look strong again: Murat Naci Coklu, Martin Horn, Gökhan Salman and the brothers Galla. Like last year, they will rotate, but with Coklu and Horn, who both played against us last year, they are very dangerous. The supplement comes from Wesley de Jaeger, Frans van Schaik and Sander Jonen. I am curious where it will bring the team.''

A1 Biljarts

GH: ,,Four strong foreigners on the players list and again the question how much they will play: Javier Palazón, Birol Uymaz, Michael Nilsson and Christian Rudolph. With that team, they can beat every opponent, but it looks like they will often play with Martien van der Spoel, Richard Bitalis, Henk Blauwblomme, Kay de Zwart or Addy Wienk. I don't think it's a contender for the top four.''

't Hartje Van Wanrooy

GH: ,,A solid team that has strengthened with Harrie van de Ven, finalist at the Dutch championship and a player at the World championship in Cairo in three weeks. Martin Spoormans also joined the team. Savas Bulut often comes from Turkey and is a solid leader, further Davy van Havere, Frank Martens and Ad Broeders are certainly first league worthy.''


GH: ,,One of the two new teams, which I can't estimate properly. Ronny Lindemann normally will be the leader and they will usually play with Rudy de Laet, Paul Bruijstens, Wilco van Wijk. They are less strong, because Harrie van de Ven has left. I think one of the three teams that aim to maintain.''

Burgmans Billiards

GH: ,,The other newcomer, which already played before in the premier league. Same goal, I think: to maintain would be nice. Burgmans is a team that floats between the premier division and the second division. Thorsten Frings is new, transferred from MCR. And Therese Klompenhouwer certainly can make the team stronger. They also have Marco Janssen, Bart and Koen Ceulemans, Johan Roijers and Bert van Manen on the list. Certainly not to underestimate, this team. ''

't Ivoor

GH: ,,The players list is quite impressive with the Spanish young players David Martinez and Juan Zapata, who regularly show up and shine in the World Cups. How often do they play in the Netherlands, that is the question. That also applies to Jerôme Barbeillon and Cédric Melnytschenko, the two French players. It seems to me that Huub Wilkowski will play all matches, just like Jack van Peer. Very difficult to estimate, this team, but not a contender for the playoffs.''

The first round of the Buffalo League for Sunday:

A1 Biljarts-'t Hartje van Wanrooy Zundert
't Ivoor-Bousema
Team Eekhoorn-SIS Cleaning
Earth Express-L & B Ledermode
Burgmans Biljarts-HCR Prinsen.



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