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Hague team SIS is the undisputed number one

Posted by on May 6, 2018

Hague team SIS is the undisputed number one

© SIS Schoonmaak
The SIS Schoonmaak team celebrates first place with their fans and families

DEN HAAG/HAARLO - The undisputed number one in the Buffalo league is SIS Schoonmaak from The Hague. The numbers two and three after the regular rounds of play are HCR Prinsen and Team Eekhoorn. Needless to say that the Jorissen billiard room was a place of celebration this Sunday afternoon. Dinand Prinsen's team from Haarlo and Erik van Woerkom's foursome from Oosterhout will meet each other twice in a semifinal play-off, to decide who will take on SIS in the final on 23 and 24 June in Doetinchem. The team from the Hague secured their top spot on the final day with a victory over MCR: 6-2. Jean van Erp was the third and decisive winner, Glenn Hofman was the only one who lost: 40-39 in 37 against Thorsten Frings. SIS kept HCR Prinsen, their only competitor, at arm's length. It was a necessary win, because HCR from Haarlo beat STZ Zundert 6-2.

Team Eekhoorn and L&B Ledermode battled for third place right up to the wire. The team from Oosterhout played away against DPC, L&B played at home against Bousema Lochem. Both Eekhoorn and L&B won 6-2, which kept Eekhoorn a single point ahead. It was even after the first session. Team Eekhoorn was at 2-2 thanks to a win by Kurt Ceulemans over Martin Spoormans, 40-29 in 26, and Richard Bitalis beating Kenny Miatton 40-24 in 21. For L&B Ledermode Dave Christiani beat Stefan Galla 40-15 in 18, with a wonderful closing run of 15, and Adnan Yüksel lost to Wesley de Jaeger 40-33 in 23.

The decisons had to come in the second session, with Eddy Merckx playing Murat Naci Coklu and Gerwin Valentijn facing Gökhan Salman. At the Eekhoorn match, Frans van Kuyk played Birol Uymaz and Jerry Hermans took on Danny Molier. Team Eekhoorn soon had the prized third place in their sight. Frans van Kuyk started off well against Uymaz (18-11), kept up the pace (23-17), made it 31-24 and 38-31, to finish at 40-37 in 30 innings. Jerry Hermans made the difference at 22-14, that became 24-19 and 30-21, to finish at 40-30 in 55 innings.

L&B Ledermode fought for every point, with Eddy Merckx leading against Murat Naci Coklu (16-14), then 24-15. Things evened up at 24-23, but from 32-24 Merckx won 40-28 in 28. In the remarkable last phase of the match, Coklu had 13 open innings in 14 tries. Gerwin Valentijn had to come back against Gökhan Salman from 16-9, but he did so convincingly to make it 26-18, 29-22 and he capitalized on a few weaker innings by Salman to end it 40-23 in 22.

HCR Prinsen saw Dick Jaspers win on the final day: 40-31 in 21 against Roland Forthomme. Eddy Leppens beat Peter Ceulemans 40-24 in 24. closed the season with a maximum 8-0 win over A1 Biljarts, their top players putting in the top performances: Caudron 40-14 against van Van der Spoel in 16, De Bruijn   40-22 in 20 against Blauwblomme.

The league season ended with Dick Jaspers and Frédéric Caudron as the top players on average. Jeffrey Jorissen from SIS Schoonmaak was the number one in terms of points won: 36 from 21 matches. SIS Schoonmaak had the best team grand average, Frans van Kuyk had the season high run (25), ahead of Peter Ceulemans and Dave Christiani who both ran 18.

Dick Jaspers and Frédéric Caudron averaged 2.059, ahead of Nikos Polychronopoulos with 1.936, Adnan Yüksel 1.904 and Murat Naci Coklu 1.819. It had tob e noted that Jaspers played 12 matches, Caudron 14, Polychronopoulos only 6, Adnan Yüksel no more than 3 and Murat Naci Coklu 13. Also in the top 20 of highest averages: Can Capak (6 matches), Javier Palazón (3), Gökhan Salman (5), Michael Nilsson (4) and David Martinez (3).

The best progress when compared with last season: Ronny Lindemann, from 1.280 to 1.512, Martien van der Spoel, from 1.160 to 1.314, Markus Galla from 0.935 to 1.250, Therese Klompenhouwer from 1.002 to 1.158, Murat Naci Coklu from 1.694 to 1.819 and Peter Ceulemans from 1.474 to 1.596.

Players who lost ground are Fred Caudron (from 2.238 to 2.059 in 14 matches), Martin Horn (from 1.733 to 1.323 in 12), Jean Paul de Bruijn (from 1.654 to 1.422 in 18), Peter De Backer (from 1.555 to 1.361 in 10), Martin Spoormans (from 1.424 to 1.257 in 18), Dave Christiani (from 1.535 to 1.382 in 20) and Kurt Ceulemans (from 1.285 to 1.161 in 21).

The most consistent winners:1 Jeffrey Jorissen 36 points from 21
Birol Uymaz 28 from 21
Jelle Pijl 28 from 18
Jean van Erp 28 from 21
Steven van Acker 28 from 22
Anno de Kleine 27 uit 20
Kurt Ceulemans 27 from 22
Raimond Burgman 27 from 21
Gerwin Valentijn 27 from 21
Martien van der Spoel 26 from 22
Richard Bitalis 26 from 21
Eddy Merckx 26 from 22
Jerry Hermans 26 from 22
Frans van Kuyk 25 from 21
Roland Forthomme 24 from 22
Eddy Leppens 23 from 18
Raymund Swertz 22 from 18
Dave Christiani 22 from 21

Jeffrey Jorissen came closest to making all the points he was supposed to make  (814 out of a possible 840). Second in that category was Steven van Acker (845 of 880), third Raimond Burgman (836 of 880).

SIS Schoonmaak had the highest team grand average with 1.453, ahead of L&B Ledermode with 1.390, HCR Prinsen with 1.346, DPC with 1.311 and Team Eekhoorn with 1.233.

The high run was made by Frans van Kuyk with 25, ahead of Peter Ceulemans and Dave Christiani with 18, Steven van Acker with 16, Martien van der Spoel 15 and Murat Naci Coklu, Henk Blauwblomme, Dick Jaspers and Thorsten Frings with 14.

The longest matches, in terms of innings, were won by Huub Wilkowski (40 in 59), Kenny Miatton (56), Berry Dallinga and Raymund Swertz (55) and Sam van Etten (54).

Top 20 on averages:

1 Dick Jaspers 2.059 (last year 1.783)
Fred Caudron 2.059 (last year 2.238)
3 Nikos Polychronopoulos 1.936
4 Adnan Yüksel 1.904
4 Murat Naci Coklu 1.819 (last year 1.694)
5 Eddy Merckx 1.755 (last year 1.646)
6 Tayfun Tasdemir 1.664
7 David Martinez 1.661
8 Roland Forthomme 1.616
9 Birol Uymaz 1.609
10 Peter Ceulemans 1.596 (last year 1.474)
11 Javier Palazón 1.558
12 Can Capak 1.550
13 Eddy Leppens 1.537
14 Glenn Hofman 1.534
15 Frans van Kuyk 1.529 (vorig 1.400)
16 Ronny Lindemann 1.512
17 Michael Nilsson 1.494
18 Jean van Erp 1.498
19 Raimond Burgman 1.474
20 Jeffrey Jorissen 1.423

Final ranking after 22 rounds:

1 SIS Schoonmaak 35 points
2 HCR Prinsen 34
3 Team Eekhoorn 27
4 L&B Ledermode 26
5 24
6 DPC 22
7 STZ Zundert 21
8 A1 Biljarts 20
9 't Hartje Van Wanrooy 20
10 Bousema Lochem 18
11 De Veemarkt 14
12 MCR 3.

The Eekhoorn team after their win: qualified for the play-offs

SIS Schoonmaak team dancing the night away

Dick Jaspers, the best on average with Caudron

Eddy Leppens and Peter Ceulemans at the start of their match


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