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How strong are the Korean ladies in Valencia?

Posted by on September 29, 2019

 How strong are the Korean ladies in Valencia?

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Korean nr. 1 Min A Kim is one the Koreans at the World championship

VALENCIA - The two main favorites at the Women's World championship three cushion, which will start on Monday 30 September in Valencia, are Therese Klompenhouwer from the Netherlands and Orie Hida from Japan. The opposition is expected from Cambodian Sruong Pheavy and Turkish Gülsen Degene and Guzin Müjde Karakasli, but how strong are the two players from the big billiard country South Korea? Min A Kim (28) is the number one in Korea and is the first lady, the number two is 18-year-old Hyunji Yong. The winner of the women's tournament in New York, 18-year-old Jieun Han, was not allowed to play in Valencia because of her possition on the rankings.

The Korean delegation made the trip to Valencia with Sruong Pheavy and arrived late Saturday night. ''We first had to fly 11 hours from Seoul to Paris, had a transfer there and then two more hours to Valencia. We arrived there late and tired from the long journey," said Min A Kim, who is playing at a World championship for the second time.

How was your preparation for this championship?
Min A Kim: ''We are ready, but for me, Therese Klompenhouwer is the big favorite.''

When did you start playing billiards?
Min A Kim: "I started late, when I was 22 and went to a billiard club for the first time at university."

What is your daily life look like, work or just play billiards?
Min A Kim: ''I am in the Dani Sánchez' billiards center in Seoul every day. He is my sponsor with DS. That's the reason I can only focus on billiards. I practice for one hour every day, but I also play five or six games a day."

Do you have a trainer from whom you get lessons at Dani's club?
Min A Kim: ''Not a special trainer, but I learn a lot watching good players and Dani and Myung-Woo Cho, the junior world champion, tell me a lot about the game. They also are in the club many times.''

Min A Kim starts the preliminaries in a group with Orie Hida and Karina Jetten, two players of which qualify for the last sixteen. The other Korean, Hyunji Yong, plays in the group with Gülsen Degener and Estela Cardosa.

Group formats:
Group A: Therese Klompenhouwer, Joke Breur, Johanna Sandoval
Group B: Pheavy Sruong, Céline Jacques, Ana Juarez
Group C: Orie Hida, Min A Kim, Karina Jetten
Group D: Gülsen Degener, Estela Cardoso, Hyunji Yong
Group E: Güzin Mujde Karakasli, Helga Mitterböck, Edna Vargas
Group F: Steffi Daske, Jackeline Perez, Soledad Gomez
Group G: Ayako Sakai, Daniëlle le Bruyn, Jaimie Buelens
Group H: Irena Hambalkova, Marianne Mortensen, Martha Castro.

The first sessions on Monday:
10 am:
Klompenhouwer-Breur, Jacques-Juarez, Kim-Jetten, Cardoso-Yong
Mitterbock-Vargas, Perez-Gomez, Le Bruijn-Buelens, Mortensen-Castro.

Therese Klompenhouwer, the world champion (up right) and Orie Hida (down left) with the other Asian ladies at the World championship in Valencia




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