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Jeejee Garcia recovers quickly from motorcycle crash

Posted by on August 31, 2018

Jeejee Garcia recovers quickly from motorcycle crash

Jose Juan Garcia during his stay in the hospital

BOGOTA - The young Colombian billiard player Jose Juan Garcia (26) quickly recovers from the motorcycle crash in which he was seriously injured in the early morning of August 10 in Bogota on his way home. The former junior world champion left the hospital in Mosquera after 11 days and returned home for a further recovery. ,,I feel much better, the pain is much less'', he let us know in a Kozoom interview. There is a real chance that Garcia will be in a good shape to play the three cushion world championship, from 2 to 6 October in Cairo. ,,I hope to restart my training soon to be ready for the World's in Caïro.''

Jose Juan Garcia, the junior world champion in Peloponnese 2013, had qualified in a group with Murat Naci Coklu and Tonny Carlsen for the World championships. His participation was in trouble by the crash with his motorcycle: because of a bad visibility, Garcia first collided with a car and was then hit by another motor cycle. He was transported to hospital with severe injuries, where he first underwent a thoractomy, to relieve the pressure on his chest and one day later an open abdominal surgery.

Kozoom reporter Frits Bakker spoke with the Colombian player, Andrea Hofman was the translator.

Kozoom/FB: How could you recover so quickly after the bad crash? What were the injuries, do you still feel the pain?
JJ Garcia: Yes, but fortunately, it is much better now. I had a super rehabilitation and I'm at home now with my family and friends of whom I got a lot of support. I still have pain, but much less.

Kozoom/FB: How bad was your situation when you were taken to hospital after the accident?
JJ Garcia: Most of all the internal injuries in the abdomen, to which I have undergone the surgery. I now have the scars that still hurt. And also I had many big abrasions, but miraculously, I had no broken bones.

Kozoom/FB: Can you remember anything from the accident?
JJ Garcia: Nothing at all, because I have been unconscious several times. I only remember that I fell to the ground, then, the world turned black for me.

Kozoom / FB: What did they do during the operations?
JJ Garcia: My colon and my bladder have been restored. They brought, among others, a thorax tube into my body to remove the blood from my lungs.

Kozoom/FB: Then, after the first recovery in hospital, happily you could return home, among family and friends.
JJ Garcia: Yes, after 11 days I was allowed to leave the hospital and from then I could continue my recovery at home.

Kozoom/FB: Did you received many reactions from the billiard world?
JJ Garcia: O yes, a lot of messages from friends and billiard fans from all around the world. That has been a big support for me.

Kozoom/FB: Are you able to play billiards again?
JJ Garcia: The doctors told me I can start playing again from 10 September. Then I start my preparation for the World championship.

Kozoom/FB: Your participation is not in danger?
JJ Garcia: I will work very hard to be ready on time, because I'm really excited to be part of the field at the World's in Cairo.

Thanks for the interview Jeejee, we all wish you a speedy recovery.

Jose Juan Garcia surrounded by friends and family during his stay in the hospital

On his way home again in a wheelchair with his father



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