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Jefke shows his teeth at the North Sea coast

Posted by on January 9, 2018

Jefke shows his teeth at the North Sea coast

© Dirk Acx
Jef Philipoom launched his mission with an 18 run in three cushion

BLANKENBERGE - The Belgian championships in all disciplines of billiards has completed two days of play. The eight-day tournament is played according to an old tradition in the stately Blankenberge gambling palace, where outside, usually in tough weather, the waves of the North Sea run across the coastal wall. The billiard elite of the country show their class in this new year's early week. Three-cushion players, classical players, 5 pins artists, juniors, ladies, all of them come into action in this week. Jefke Philipoom, 53 already, but still far from worn out, shows his sharp teeth, as usual in this event, like always erratic, unpredictable, but feared for his ups and downs.

The palmares of the tamed lion has actually stalled, in the shadow of the current Belgian top guns, who shine on global stage. Frédéric Caudron, Eddy Merckx, Roland Forthomme and Eddy Leppens have had a glorious year. Jef Philipoom has withdrawn from those ranks. The people who announce 'De Jef', in tournaments, or for a match with his team, dare to call him the world champion, the European champion and the Belgian champion, in his magical year of 1995. Then, to be honest, it has gone a bit quiet around the small, robust moustache man, especially on the international scene. Jef Philipoom shines almost every week with teams in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal, has been champion for some years with BC Deurne, where he wins almost all his matches, and is looking forward every year to the Belgian championships at sea. The family joins him for a week, to enjoy, to play billiards with cozy dining and fresh air on the chilly North Sea boulevard.

The Monday of the Multi's was the start for Jefke, in a group of four with Ronny Brants, Mathy Monnissen and Danny Geysen. Nice opponents, anyway, nice guys, but not good enough to keep up with the seasoned player. And so it was. A moderate start against Danny Geysen (40-29 in 34), but what a spectacular sequel against Ronny Brants, a typical championship player as well. Not a big start again from the match, in balance to the break (18-18 in 15), on the way to a fascinating final..., that's how it seemed. But then, completely unexpected in that phase, masterfully in his timing, the lion suddenly arose for one of his delights: a brilliant run of 18! The score was 36-19 then, there was a short break and five minutes later, Jefke returned to make his last four. Had it been in front of full stands that time, a thunderous applause had descended on him.

Second day of the Multi's..., the first skirmishes in three-cushion and in the balklines, it all has to start, but Jef Philipoom has already stolen some of the show. He won his group, undefeated, just like Davy van Havere won the other group with Marco Janssen, Steven van Acker and Eddy Willems. Four players show up in the last sixteen: Philipoom, Van Havere, Van Acker and Brants.

The most exciting balkline playing came from Eddy Leppens' cue, who in his 47/1 match knocked down Philippe Deraes in two innings with runs of 90 and 110 (200-3). Leppens also bested Peter Debaes in the 71/2 (250-181 in 12) and Johan Devos in the 47/2 (300-97 in 4). Patrick Niessen launched his mission with four wins: against Peter Debaes in 47/1 (200-35 in 10), against Maarten Janssen in the free game (400-300 in 9, with a run of 350), against Maarten Janssen in the 47/2 (300-175 in 6) and against Philippe Deraes in the 71/2 (250-214 in 14).

The tone has been set for a wonderful, long week.

Today, Tuesday from 11 am, three cushion takes action:
Group C: Kenny Miatton, Thomas Broux, Kurt Ceulemans, Peter De Backer
Group G: Eddy Merckx, Bart Leys, Frédéric Mottet, Luc Salvo.

Patrick Niessen and Eddy Leppens come into the arena, both three times. Andy de Bondt plays his first match in the free game and Francis Forton and Martin Spoormans the first match in one cushion, in the final round at 21.00.

The groups on Monday:

Group A:
1 Davy van Havere 6-1.363-13
2 Steven van Acker 4-1.147-8
3 Marco Janssen 2-0.956-6
4 Eddy Willems 0-0.730-4

Group F:
1 Jef Philipoom 6-1.348-18
2 Ronny Brants 4-1.183-7
3 Danny Geysen 2-0.975-5
4 Mathy Monnissen 0-0.791-6.

All matches are live on

Eddy Leppens had a great start in balk-line

Patrick Niessen, four wins, today another mission


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