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Jose Maria Quetglas, his view and analysis

Posted by on December 10, 2016

Jose Maria Quetglas, his view and analysis

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Jose Maria Quetglas, giving his opinion about playing styles, cultures and talents

EL GOUNA - The Spanish junior coach Jose Maria Quetglas, both for Spanish and Egyptian talents, is visiting the World Junior Championships in Egypt with great and professional interest. On the final day of the tournament, with three Korean players and the Spanish champion Andres Carrion in the semi-finals, he gives his opinion and analysis about the level, the culture and the talents. Jose Maria: ,,The World championship three cushion for juniors is played on 8, 9 and 10 December in Hurghada (Egypt), prior to the last World Cup on the 2016 calendar.''

,, We looked forward to the playing styles and development activities of the young talents from Egypt, Korea, Spain, Turkey, France, Austria, Colombia, Peru and Germany, who qualified for this tournament. The differernces in types of playing are remarkable, we could see immediately.''

1 The South Americans are trying to preserve the beauty of the game, inspired by the great American school including the great Marcelo Lopez. He taught the young players about the technology and the development of the runs. The players are performing a beautiful style, appreciated by the audience. This style has to be improved in a technical way. They have to change in order to better compete on the world stage.

2 The players from Central Europe have shown us that they are trained in a more solid way of playing. Most remarkable here was the absence of players from strong countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, which should follow the footsteps of the great champions with Raymond Ceulemans as their a famous example. The problem is not so much a lack or shortage of young players, but the modernization of education in the schools. That is a task for the national federations, which should visit the big tournaments with their trainers.

3 The Spanish school has produced two new players who have achieved outstanding results at the European championship. Andres Carrion is the European champion, Carlos Anguita took bronze. Both come from a training circuit that continues to grow. We are waiting for the successors, arising from the Spanish training that started in the Training Center in Los Narejos, where qualified coaches are appointed by the government in 1990. They're doing the training and preparation of the players.

4 The Egyptian federation has followed that example. They use the experience of the most advanced training. Three players have participated in this World championship in Hurghada and have shown their progress. They are still very new and had only one year so far of training according to the conventional method. Yet, at this World championship, they already show that they develop very quickly and have greatly improved their personal level. Ahmed Hatem was the best example with a place in the quarterfinals. The managers of this federation have made a great effort to professionalize the trainings.

5 The Koreans have not surprised us and continue the magnificent development in their country. The four players from this country have shown the very classic style, following the method and strategy taught in the training. The exception is Myung-Woo Cho, who excels in very surprising and sometimes unexpected shots. They show the Korean style, their lessons and homework and bring it into practice. The remarkable thing is that they all play the same system, with their work in trainings. That is the result of their work, many hours of practice and discipline, leading to spectacular results in all categories. The Koreans, we recognize their superiority, collectively demonstrated here in Egypt.''

,,The semifinals were between three Korean and the Spanish champion. I expect a very strong and interesting fight, to designate the new 2016 World champion.''

Jose Maria Quetglas (left) in the stands with the Spanish player Carlos Anguita




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