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Kimchi Superprestige, glorious season opener

Posted by on August 21, 2018

Kimchi Superprestige, glorious season opener

©Dirk Acx
The team of voluntears for the Superprestige still with Tiest Leppens, right from Eddy Leppens

LOMMEL - Hello..., Eddy Leppens speaking, I am in a meeting for the Superprestige. Whoever wants to call the Belgian billiard top twenty player these days, is put in the waiting room. The Kimchi Superprestige in Lommel has still one week of preparation, the 48-year-old organizer is working overtime. Eddy Leppens is managing about 25 volunteers these days, the set up for meeting room, talks to sponsors, the city council and in the meantime often reminds last year. ,,My uncle Tiest Leppens died shortly after the Superprestige. I'm still emotional when I remember him. We lost a fantastic person, but also someone who counted for five in the organization.''

The season opener in Belgium, with sixteen of the best players of the main billiard country in the world, starts next Monday (27 August) and closes on Saturday (1 September) with the finals. The location is familiar and well known: Cultural Center De Adelberg in the center of Lommel. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the four groups of four players meet in the pre-rounds, on Friday and Saturday the knockouts will be played. The qualifying groups start every day at 6 pm for three sessions. The quarterfinals are Friday at 19.00 and 22.00, the semi-finals Saturday at 14.00, the final at 15.45.

The Belgian top of three cushion is for a significant part the world top. Frédéric Caudron, Eddy Merckx and Eddy Leppens coloured the first part of 2018. Caudron, the world champion and Merckx, the numbers one and two of the world rankings, were full in the international spotlight. Frédéric Caudron with his victories at Porto World Cup and the McCreery Champion of Champions in New York, Eddy Merckx with victories at the 3CC World Masters in Seoul and the Verhoeven Open in New York. Eddy Leppens played the final at the 3CC Masters and was on podium at the Verhoeven Open.

How do you explain, Eddy Leppens, the Belgian hegemony in global three-cushion?
Eddy Leppens: ,,I always mention for most the the great basis that we had when we were young. Emile Wafflard, who lived near Brussels and died in 1994, was a fantastic teacher. Caudron and I visited him incredibly often, Eddy Merckx a little less, because he was focused on three cushion very soon. Wafflard mastered the technique like no other: he taught us how to play balk-line, free game and stroke technique. After that, we went Pol Stroobants, another greatness, to learn three-cushion. But of course we all worked very hard to get where we are now. We have been working on it daily, lots of training and playing games. But all the top players are totally focused, now we can play for the big money tournaments. I give a lot of lessons myself and even that's what makes me better. We are now rewarded for all the work. Mentally we are very strong, Caudron and Merckx even more than me, but I have improved over the years, I prove it with my results in tournaments.''

How can someone who is on the road the entire year, traveling around the world, playing so many matches, how can he be the main organizer of a big tournament like the Kimchi Superprestige for ten years?
Eddy Leppens: ,,I don't work on my own, of course, my team of volunteers has a huge experience. We have a good scenario, everyone knows what to do and we try to improve every year. Yes, I'm often on the road from matches and tournaments. Last year, I've calculated, I spent five weekends at home. I was playing in nine competitions: three cushion and balk-lines in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Italy. I feel that I'm still getting better. I am 18th on the world ranking, 16th was my best position ever, but I have never been out of top 25. I like to play anywhere and anytime. And fortunately, I have the support of my wife Andrea, who joins me almost everywhere. I would not be able to do it any other way, because, when I'm out in a tournament early, we can spend a few nice days together.''

The main sponsor of the Superprestige, Kimchi, has raised the prize money for this year. Eddy Leppens: ,,We were at 14.000 euros, it is increased to 21.500. The top three will receive 3.200, 2.500 and 2.000 euros.

Eddy Merckx defends his title next week: he won the final against Roland Forthomme last year.

All matches are broadcast by Kozoom.

The group layout:
Group A:
Roland Forthomme
Francis Forton
Patrick Kesteloot
Ronny Daniels


Group B:
Eddy Merckx
Peter Ceulemans
Jef Philipoom
Wesley de Jaeger

Group C:
Frédéric Caudron
Kurt Ceulemans
Ronny Brants
Kenny Miatton

Group D:
Eddy Leppens
Steven van Acker
Davy van Havere
Danny Wuyts.

Frédéric Mottet and Bart Leys have cancelled and are replaced by two substitutes.

Eddy Merckx defends his title in the Kimchi Superprestige



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