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Leaders distance themselves from chasers in Buffalo League

Posted by on October 8, 2017

Leaders distance themselves from chasers in Buffalo League

© Ton Smilde
Glenn Hofman: matchwinner for SIS by beating Caudron

HAARLO/ZUNDERT/SLUISKIL - The two frontrunners in the Buffalo league have collected eight points in four rounds: the maximum. Two teams follow, two points behind.

The lead pack of four, SIS Schoonmaak, HCR Prinsen, A1 Biljarts and STZ Zundert, seems to distance themselves from the larger  group in the middle. The guys from The Hague beat 6-2 today, thanks in particular to Glenn Hofman and his victory over Frédéric Caudron (40-37 in 18). HCR Prinsen had no trouble with the red lantern team of MCR: 7-1.

The leader from The Hague took a tricky hurdle in Sluiskil, even after their expected 4-0 lead at halftime. Raimond Burgman beat Patrick Vasseur 40-23 in 31, Herman van Daalen had it even easier against Berry Dallinga, 40-22 in 36. The second session was mostly about the match on center court, after Steven van Acker had kept the home team alive with a win over Jean van Erp:  40-38 in 24.

Glenn Hofman shone, on territory so familiar to him. He played for Dallinga several seasons, but moved closer to home: to the Jorissen room in The Hague and the SIS team. The former European junior champion ran 8-3-4 to lead Caudron 15-7 after three innings. Another sprint in the 11th inning (run of ten), and a closing six from 34-32. Caudron needed eight in the equalizer, and got as far as five, which sealed victory for the visiting team.

HCR Prinsen encountered a very weak MCR. Eddy Leppens, replacing Dick Jaspers, was the only one who had an opponent (in Thorsten Frings), and Leppens needed one point in the equalizer. Anno de Kleine, Jelle Pijl and Raymund Swertz were flying solo: 7-1.

A1 Biljarts does well to stay in the top-4, beating De Eekhoorn 6-2. The best match was played by Jerry Hermans, who beat Kay de Zwart 40 - 17 in 23. He was the only winner for Brabant though. Christian Rudolph beat Frans van Kuyk, Martien van der Spoel and Henk Blauwblomme got past Jack Wijnen and Kurt Ceulemans.

Roland Forthomme, Peter Ceulemans, Barry van Beers and Raymon Groot faced an opponent ('t Hartje) that had left their best form at home. ,,We were never in danger'', said Peter Ceulemans, who had played a match in the German league earlier in the morning. Barry van Beers was the best winner of his team (40-21 in 23 against Frank Martens). Forthomme beat Van Havere 40-16 in 26, Ceulemans eased past Koorevaar 40-27 in 34 and Groot beat Broeders 40-33 in 41.

L&B Mode recovered from their poor start to the season when they beat DPC 6-2. Dave Christiani was the best player of the meeting when he used 20 innings against Spoormans (40-27). Eddy Merckx lost to Birol Uymaz when his team had the victory sealed up already (40-27 in 29). De Veemarkt did well to win two points against Bousema in Lochem  Tayfun Tasdemir and Can Capak set the tone with victories over Murat Naci Coklu (40-30 in 20) and Stefan Galla: 40-24 in 23.


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