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Marathon of European matches in Ronchin

Posted by on March 30, 2018

Marathon of European matches in Ronchin

French player Magali Declunder, the best free game player in history, returns to the Europeans

RONCHIN - In the big arena of the French billiard club Canon d'Or in Ronchin, the marathon of European Euro Youth matches has been launched for youth players. In addition, a European Ladies Cup is played. The contests, 170 in total over four days with seven European titles at stake, are broadcast directly by Kozoom for subscribers. The start was today, Friday 30 March, the last day is on Monday 2 April. It is the first time that the European youth championships are played in one tournament.

Among the favourites are in three-cushion the Spanish European and world champion in junior, Carlos Anguita. The French enter with talented youth players like Gwendal Marechal and Maxime Panaia. The French Magali Declunder, best free game player in history, returns to the arena.

The matches are played on twelve billiard tables.

The participants per game type and the program:

3-cushion juniors (under 21):

Opening ceremony, Saturday 11 am. Quarterfinal Sunday 15.00. Semi-final Monday 9 am. Last match 11.30

Group A Gwendal Maréchal (FR), Dimitrios Seleventas (GR), Marcel Back (DE), Luis Almeida (PT).
Group B: Carlos Anguita (ES), Alp Emin Cebeoglu (TR), Tom Löwe (DE), Saud Muhovic (LU)
Group C: Mario Mercader (ES), Joey de Kok (NL), Stef van Hees (BE), Mikkel Jensen (DK)
Group D: Alessio d'Agata (IT), Maxime Panaia (FR), Nikolaus Kogelbauer (AT), Michael Vink (NL)
Free game juniors under 21:

Opening Saturday 11 am, semi-finals Sunday 5 pm, final Sunday 7 pm:

Group A: Jordy Jong (NL), Simon Blondeel (DE), Pierre Martory (FR), Guillaume Julliat (FR)
Group B: Anders Henriksen (DK), Stef van Hees (BE), Sébastien Verel (FR), Leon Dudink (NL)

5 Pins under 21:
Opening Saturday 11.00, Semi-finals Sunday 19.00, final Monday 9.00:

Group A: Erian Herrebrecht (FR), Max Gabel (DE), Sebastien Heimrath (AT), Dylan Parent (BE)
Group B: Lukas Mortensen (DK), Lenny Pallucca (LU), Riccardo Matino (IT), Florian Guingand (FR)

3-cushion under 17:
Opening Saturday 11.00, quarter finals Sunday 19.00, semi-finals Monday 9.00, Final Monday 11.30:

Group A: Dogukan Corbaci (T), Nathan Duriez (Fr), Nick Rosier (BE)
Group B: Milan Ettel (CZ), Dimitrios Seleventas (GR), Ivan Mayor (ES), Tom Gorazda (FR)
Group C: Jan Gaspari (DE), Sergio Martinez (ES), Nikolaus Kogelbauer (AT), Tangui Duriez (FR)
Group D: Lukas Mortensen (DK), Maxime Panaia (FR), Luis Mira (ES), Nick Dudink (NL)

Free game under 17:
Opening Saturday 11.00, semi-final Sunday 19.00, final Monday 9.00:

Group A: Nick Dudink (NL), Jan Sellhast (DE), Djason Ponthieu (FR), Alexandre Portier (FR), Lenny Pallucca (LU)
Groupe B Jelle Billiet (BE), Nathan Legendre (FR), Gautier Miasik (FR), Jeppe Kjolby (DK)

Free game under 19 per team:
Opening Saturday 11.00, final Monday 11.30:

Group A:
BC DE COECK (BE) Bryan Eelen, Kevin van Hees, Nino Coeckelberghs
FLAB (LU) Tom Rissé, Lenny Pallucca, Chris Todorov
ROUEN BC (FR) Nathan Legendre, Joshua Ty, Adrien Fagot
Group B:
DAVEZIEUX (FR) Abdelghani Refassi, Guillaume Julliat, Eymeric Fallot
DANEMARK (DK) Jeppe Kjolby, Casper Olsen, Jonas Sondergaard
COURRIERES (FR) Baudouin Rault, Lucas Lefebvre, Arthur Bailly

Ladies Cup:

Opening Saturday 11.00, final Monday 9.00:
Group A: Magali Declunder (FR), Sonia Livebardon (FR), Céline Jacques (FR), Francine Mouriks (FR)
Group B: Monique van Exter (NL), Aurore Bellens (FR), Brigitte Gaultier (FR), Mélanie Hallier (FR)
Group C: Karolien Matthys (BE), Francine van Yperen (NL), Véronique Ales (FR), Monika Steinberger (AT)
Group D: Christel Willemse (NL), Heike Hingerl (AT), Christine Morel (FR) and Lucie Petit (FR).

Monique van Exter (Nth) interviewed by Kozoom together with Magali Declunder

German player Simon Blondeel in free game under 21

Dutch player Joey de Kok among the contenders for a podium place


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