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Carom Billiard - 3-Cushion - Juanjo Trilles Challenge - Marxuquera (ESP)

Margin reduced, but waiting for high runs

Posted by on June 28, 2012

Margin reduced, but waiting for high runs

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Raymond Ceulemans speaks with the players before the session.

MARXUQUERA - High in the gallery, on his comfortable chair, the undisputed master is watching the spectacle in the arena with the eye of the champion. Raymond Ceulemans usually has a little chat with the two players between and before the sessions. There is no difference, the eternal legend has an encouraging word for both. Friendly, charming, always with a smile, excited about the game: the most famous billiard player ever watches the game in the Juanjo Trilles Challenge and speaks admiringly about the entourage.

The three-cushion level has evolved, of course, in al those years after the period in which he was the absolute champion. Frédéric Caudron and Dick Jaspers are two world class players who rarely perform on a level less than two average. They are close to that after three sessions, especially Caudron with his 2.093, Jaspers has improved himself, but the averages dropped in the last ten innings of the third session (Jaspers to 1.776).

,,We are far from the the end of course'', realized Raymond Ceulemans, who knows that the players need a high concentration and patience in such a long match. For now, Caudron still is 29 caroms ahead (180-151 in 86 innings), but Jaspers marked his comeback in the match with a win of 20 caroms.

The Dutchman looks somewhat fresher and better, plays smoother, with more structure in his game and better position play, but only lacks the high runs. ,,I feel better than yesterday'', he said, ,,but sometimes I play too fast. On the other hand, I made a few very nice points, I may not forget that.''

Frédéric Caudron had not such a good start on his second day. ,,I had some trouble with things happening around me, for which I was disturbed, but that's no excuse. My start was not good, after that I was growing in the match with some runs.''

The conditions in the room, beyond and with the ambiance, nevertheless, are more than perfect to perform on the highest level of sports. The protagonists in the battle stay in a villa at fifty meters from the billiard room and the house of the organizer, they have a swimming pool to make a fresh dive between the sessions and are treated well with everything they want.

Outside, the temperatures are around 38 degrees in the afternoon, in the room it is cool. The audience sits close to the table and feel deeply sympathized with the actors.

Juanjo Trilles watches the game from the stage and takes the microfon to inform the players and the spectators after and before every session.

The Spaniards are still enjoying the victory with penalty shoots of their football team last night at the European championship against Portugal. On the boulevard of Gandia many people gathered to celebrate the win, in the billiard room everyone showed up today to focus on the match.

Dick Jaspers had a smooth start in the early hours with funs of 8, 6 and 5, closing the gap of 49 points to 23 at one moment. Caudron had his best period between the 59th and 66th inning, in which he scored runs of 6, 9 and 8 to increase his lead again.

The scores in the third session:

After two sessions:

Caudron, Jaspers

46th inning: 121-735

54th inning: 132-102

58th inning: 135-112 (difference 23 points)

62nd inning: 156-114

66th inning: 166-122 (44 points)

84th inning: 176-149

86th inning: 180-151 (85 innings Jaspers)

Averages: Caudron 2.093, Jaspers 1.776

Highest runs: Caudron 16, Jaspers 8.

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