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Multi's in Belgium: 5 euro to see the world top

Posted by on January 5, 2019

Multi's in Belgium: 5 euro to see the world top

© Dirk Acx
Eddy Merckx, the title holder in three cushion

BLANKENBERGE -  Belgian billiard fans will have to pay 5 euros per day this year to watch the top world players compete in the Multi Championship. That can be seen as a remarkable step in the 22 year history of the Belgian Multi's in Blankenberge. But, it is inevitable because of the high organizational costs. Moreover, it was a question from the players already for years. Belgian chairman Benny van Goethem: "We also did it as a respect towards the players, because in which other sport can you watch the world best for free?"

The Blankenberge Casino, with a capacity for 400 spectators, opens its doors for the first matches at 10.00 on Sunday (January 6) and is the place to be where all disciplines of billiards can be admired until Sunday 13 January. Three-cushion, with 32 players in the qualifications, is the number one discipline, but also one cushion and the balk-line disciplines are very popular with Belgian billiard fans and even fans from the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Robert Monnissen, one of the organizers: "On the days when the real top players are in action, the arena will be full of enthusiast fans and supporters.'' Benny van Goethem: "And of course we hope that the people will also come and watch the games despite the few euros of entrance fees. The Belgian Multi's have a great reputation. We have great players to shine in all those game types, including players like Eddy Leppens and Patrick Niessen in the balk-lines.''

Benny van Goethem: "As long as Reginald Depoorter was the chairman of the Belgian federation, he always said: the Belgian championships are free for everyone. But in the meantime, we face another future. This year we will see what it will bring us and we will evaluate the Multi's with the players at the end of January. The prize money for players is not going up yet, but if things go well, we can think and speak about a new strategy.''

The entire Belgian three-cushion top are present in Blankenberge. Eddy Merckx defends the title he won last year in the final against Frédéric Caudron. Caudron only plays three cushion, not in one cushion or the balk-lines. Patrick Niessen is the main contender in the free game and the balk-line games. In addition, the ladies also compete for the Belgian title with Jaimie Buelens and Danielle le Bruyn, the juniors with Dylan Parent, the 5 pins players with Peter Debaes and Peter Mostrey, as well as the wheelchair players.

The championship in three-cushion is the main discipline. The preliminaries are played from Monday with two groups per match day. Then it continues until Friday to the final rounds. Eddy Merckx, Frédéric Caudron, Eddy Leppens and Roland Forthomme will start as the main contenders.

Benny van Goethem: "We have received great news, Kozoom will broadcast all matches live." The VRT (national television channel) will make recordings during the final. On Sunday, 13th of January, the Belgian cyclo-cross championship will be broadcast live on VRT, with more than one million viewers. But immediately after that, the three-cushion final will be showed. That means a hugh promotion for billiards.''

The organization is in the hands of the Belgian billiards federation led by Benny van Goethem. Henri Pelgrims is the sports leader. The great Belgian referee corps is ready to lead all the matches and dozens of volunteers will participate daily in the casino room.

On Sunday (January 6), the tournament will start at 10:30am with two 5 pins matches between Patrick Engelbos and Ismaël Trentino and Peter Mostrey against Erwin Bruwier. And one of the group matches in the juniors between Nick Rosier and Kevin van Hees. That is followed by matches in three-cushion for wheelchair players, including Stefan Neyens against Jean Mailleur.

On Monday, the first three-cushion players will enter the arena: among others Eddy Leppens, Roland Forthomme, Davy van Havere, Wesley de Jaeger and Ronny Daniels. Patrick Niessen and Philippe Deraes play free game, like Maarten Janssen against Robby Sonck. The first matches at 10.00, the last round is scheduled for 20.30.

On Tuesday are the most famous players in the arena: Peter and Kurt Ceulemans, Ronny Brants, Andy de Bondt and Marco Janssen. Balk-line matches Eddy Leppens-Johan Devos (47/2), Patrick Niessen-Johan Devos (47/2), Eddy Leppens-Maarten Janssen (47/1), Philippe Deraes-Maarten Janssen (47/1).

Wednesday is the day that the title holder, Eddy Merckx, is coming in with amongst others Francis Forton, Jef Philipoom and Kenny Miatton in three cushion. Leppens plays one cushion against De Bondt and against Spoormans, Janssen in one cushion against Spoormans. Deraes plays against Janssen and Niessen in 71/2.

Thursday are the three cushion groups with Frédérick Caudron, Steven van Acker and Frédéric Mottet. Patrick Niessen plays free game against Maarten Janssen, Niessen plays the important match against Eddy Leppens (15.30) in 71/2, Leppens plays against Janssen (20.30) and Spoormans in that session against De Bondt.

Friday is the start of the eighth finals in three cushion with the sixteen remaining players from the eight groups of four. Also, the top match in the ladies is on the program: Jaimie Buelens against Danielle le Bruyn at 16.00.

On Saturday, startin from 10.00, the last eighth finals in three cushion and the other game types will gradually go to the finals. The rounds are at 10.00, 13.00, 16.00 and 19.00.

Sunday, January 13, the four quarter finals in three cushion at 10.00. The semi-finals are at 13.00, the final for the Belgian title is scheduled for 15.00.

The players in all disciplines:

Three cushion: Eddy Merckx, Frédéric Caudron, Eddy Leppens, Roland Forthomme, Francis Forton, Steven van Acker, Peter Ceulemans, Kurt Ceulemans, Ronny Brants, Jef Philipoom, Davy van Havere, Frédéric Mottet, Patrick Kesteloot, Ronny Daniels, Danny Wuyts, Bart Leys, Wesley de Jaeger, Kenny Miatton, Danny Geysen, Luc Salvo, Martin Ravestyn, Mathy Monnissen, Frank de Groof, Andy de Bondt, Henk Blauwblomme, Marco Janssen, Eddy Willems, Marc Celen, Martin Spoormans, Rudy de Laet, Steven d'Hondt, Geert Meylemans.

Free game:
Patrick Niessen
Maarten Janssen
Philippe Deraes
Robby Sonck

Balk-line 47/2:
Patrick Niessen
Eddy Leppens
Maarten Janssen
Johan Devos

Balk-line 47/1:
Philippe Deraes
Eddy Leppens
Patrick Niessen
Maarten Janssen

Balk-line 71/2:
Eddy Leppens
Philippe Deraes
Patrick Niessen
Maarten Janssen

Eddy Leppens
Maarten Janssen
Martin Spoormans
Andy de Bondt

5 pins:
Peter Debaes
Peter Mostrey
Patrick Engelbos
Ismaël Trentino
Giovanni Carbognin
Erwin Bruwier

Dylan Parent
Nick Rosier
Michael Parent
Kevin van Hees

Jaimie Buelens
Danielle le Bruyn
Sandra de Letter
Karolien Matthys

Stefan Neyens
Johan Grimon
Rudy Rousseau
Jean Mailleur.

The champion in the ladies: Jaimie Buelens

Patrick Niessen, star player in the balk-line disciplines

The great Belgian referee corps ready for the marathon of matches

The all time champion Raymond Ceulemans, guest of honour at the Belgian Multi's in Blankenberge







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the Texas Carom Club
the Texas Carom Club
any reason why caudron is not playing 1 cushion or balkline?

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