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Sven Daske launches the title race in Germany

Posted by on November 5, 2018

Sven Daske launches the title race in Germany

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The finalists in the free game, Sven Daske the winner (third right)

BAD WILDUNGEN - Sven Daske opened the German championship all disciplines in Bad Wildungen taking the title in free game. The first German champion played a perfect final match beating Thomas Berger 300-0 in one inning. Carsten Lässig and Christian Pöther were the numbers three at the first championship in a long series.

The Multi championship, which started this weekend, lasts until Sunday, November 11th and concerns a total of 35 tournaments in carom billiards, snooker, pool and 5 pins. The German billiard federation has been organizing the tournament in this spa for a decade thanks to the many volunteers. Almost 500 billiard players come into action.

Sven Daske is one of the favourites and has, like Thomas Nockemann, collected many titles. Carsten Lässig is also one of the most successful participants.

The championships, participants in the carom disciplines:

Artistic billiards:
Marvin Heinrich, Franz Heigl, Edgar Burkhardt, Thomas Ahrens, Bernd Singer, Gerhard Schwartz, Dennis Lendeckel, Sven Göppinger.

Free game:
Arnd Riedl, Christian Pöther, Uwe Matuszak, Sven Daske, Michael Woidowki, Markus Melerski, Carsten Lässig, Thomas Berger.

Three cushion ladies (5-6 November):
Steffi Daske, Katja Titze, Monika Stark, Angelika Becker, Jennifer Assmann, Christine Schuh, Tanja Müller, Helga Probst.

Balk-line 47/2, 5-6 November:
Dieter Steinberger, Markus Melerski, Sven Daske, Christian Pöther, Thomas Nockemann,
Arnd Riedl, Thomas Berger, Carsten Lässig.

Balk-line 71/2, 6-7 November:
Carsten Lässig, Dieter Steinberger, Markus Melerski, Arnd Riedl, Thomas Nockemann, Sven Daske, Uwe Matuszak, Thomas Berger.

One cushion, 7-8 November:
Sven Daske, Arnd Riedl, Markus Melerski, Johann Reiter, Markus Dömer, Dieter Steinberger, Thomas Berger, Stefan Scheler.

Three cushion, 8-11 November:
Martin Horn, Lukas Stamm, Wolfgang Zenkner, Marcel Back, Andreas Niehaus, Tom Löwe, Jens Probhardt, Hakan Celik, Norbert Roestel, Markus Dömer, Cengiz Karaca, Frank Sudar, Markus Schönhoff, Stefan Hetzel, Dustin Jäschke, Thomas Ahrens.

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