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Carom Billiard - 3-Cushion - Buffalo League Round 17 (NED)

Symbolic Jaspers-Caudron in Sluiskil arena

Posted by on March 10, 2019

Symbolic Jaspers-Caudron in Sluiskil arena

© Harry van Tiel
Frédéric Caudron and Dick Jaspers at the start of the match

SLUISKIL - The match in Dallinga's crowded billiard room was almost symbolic. Dick Jaspers and Frédéric Caudron, the world's numbers one and two, met each other in Sluiskil this Sunday afternoon. Was it one of the last times, now that they both have announced that they're going two different ways? Thousands of billiard fans all over the world have argued on social media in the past days for an outcome that is the best for everyone and most of all for the sport. All together in the best tournaments in the world, one world ranking, one world champion and top players who get what they deserve, that's what everyone hopes for.

The spectators in the Dallinga arena made clear with a big audience how important it is for the top players and billiard fans to stay together and that the separation of parties is a big loss for our sport. The World championship for national teams in Viersen, next weekend, with Jaspers and Caudron again at the billiards, is the stage where hopefully new chances will be created. The Dutch league, the Buffalo league, in which the match Dallinga-Prinsen was played this Sunday, certainly is hoping that the top players stay onboard to maintain the strength of the competition.

Caudron won the clash against Jaspers after a great fight. The score was in balance until the eighth inning (18-16). Jaspers then first attacked with a run of ten (28-16), but with runs of six and eight, Caudron came back into the game. With 34-35 on the scoreboard, the Belgian finished with a final run of five: 40-34 in 15 innings. He sealed the victory of against HCR Prinsen. Before the break, Jean Paul de Bruijn and Eddy Leppens shared the points: after 23-23 halfway, De Bruijn was the first to cross the finish line. Leppens equaled 3, the last was a bankshot across five cushions. Raymond Ceulemans brought Dallinga to 3-1 in a moderate match, which was decided by the legend in the last two innings with runs of 6 and 4 (40-23 in 44). Anno de Kleine beat Steven van Acker (40-29 in 30) bringing the match to 5-3.

The top four ranked teams made some missteps this matchday, not only HCR Prinsen was put on the ranks. STZ left from the away match against  Ivoor with only one point and Bousema Lochem lost a valuable point at De Eekhoorn. SIS Schoonmaak, the leader, again benefited optimally winning 6-2 against A1 Biljarts. The main role in the Hague team was for the players at three and four. Jeffrey Jorissen shone against Addy Wienk 40-10 in 16 innings after a superior second half with a run of twelve. Raimond Burgman defeated Kay de Zwart 40-19 in 17 innings. Jean van Erp ensured the maximum profit for SIS, Glenn Hoffman lost to Christian Rudolph, the new German national coach, 40-31 in 32.

L&B Ledermode also took the win with the maximum score 8-0 against the number last, Burgmans Biljarts. Eddy Merckx was the best winner with 40-13 in 27 against Marco Janssen. Peter De Backer shared in his team's victory by beating Therese Klompenhouwer 40-32 in 31 innings.

Frans van Kuyk against Murat Naci Coklu was the most capricious match of the day. The Dutchman had a lightning start with 20-3 in six innings. Coklu started the counter attack with a run of 10, came back to 30-30 in 16 and had to level at 40-36 with four in the equalizer. The last, for the 40-40, was a great point, in which Coklu subtly avoided the kiss. Jerry Hermans also did a great job: in the match against Johan Loncelle, the campholder came back after a difficult start (12-5 and 19-11) and eventually won 40-28 in 25. Kurt Ceulemans seemed on his way to win the match against Stefan Galla, led 16-3 and 28-19, but had to allow a draw, partly because the German came back with a run of 12.

STZ Zundert returned with a draw from the away match against 't Ivoor. Roland Forthomme took the last win for his team against Jérôme Barbeillon (40-28 in 22). Cédric Melnytschenko was an excellent winner against Peter Ceulemans 40-26 in 21.

Aardexpress and Hartje van Wanrooy shared the points after three exciting matches. Ronny Lindemann beat Martin Spoormans 40-38, Rudy de Laet won against Harrie van der Ven 40-38, Davy van Havere against René Wijnen 40-39.

SIS Schoonmaak leads the field with 31 points out of 17 matches, followed by STZ Zundert with 26, Bousema Lochem with 24, L & B Ledermode with 23 and HCR Prinsen with 22 points.

Three great champions in the house: Dick Jaspers, Raymond Ceulemans and Frédéric Caudron

The audience for the top match with Angèle, Raymond Ceulemans wife in the front


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