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Therese Klompenhouwer's long sports summer

Posted by on July 16, 2012

Therese Klompenhouwer's long sports summer

© Kozoom photo
Therese Klompenhouwer, looking forward to a beautiful year.

NIJKERK - She's watching the Tour de France these weeks, after the European football championships, she cheered for the Wimbledon win of Roger Federer and is looking forward to the Olympics in London. Therese Klompenhouwer, for years the best female billiards star in the world, is enjoying a wonderful, long sports summer. ,,I am realy crazy about football, I'm a Roger Federer fan, but actually I watch everything on tv. It's a nice variety, all these sports, now billiards has stopped in summer.''

Therese celebrated her marriage in May this year, but it has hardly changed her life. ,,We were already very happy you know'', she says, after she and her partner had enjoyed a two weeks holyday at Curacao.

The ambitions for this year are clear: ,,I want to win the world championship in Tokyo.'' So she's practicing in summer, interspersed with occasional work in the cafe of her father in Nijkerk.

Twelve questions for Therese Klompenhouwer, the leading lady in three-cushion.

Frits Bakker: How were the results last year, were you satisfied, have you made progress again?

Therese Klompenhouwer: ,,Mentally I have become stronger, I may say, but not directly with my averages. I miss the training that we got from the federation. Therefore, the development has stopped a bit. The Dutch federation is nog so clear: they keep saying that they're looking for another coach, but still, after months, nothing is concrete. If there's no quick solution, I will try to find a personal trainer.''

FB: How can you live the life you want as a female billiard player with a pro-status?

TK: ,,I get a benefit from NOC/NSF, but that's only seventy percent of the minimum wage. We can't do more than usual things, but my poartner and I have a pretty good life. Of course it will be very difficult to pay a trainer. With the money I get, I can pay my tournaments, training at home and travel costs. But if I want a private trainer, I would like to practice with him at least four hours per week. So that's 120 euros per week, 480 per month. And that's impossible, we simply don't have that money.''

FB: Your big goal this year is the World championship in Tokio. Any idea who will be your competitors there, how will the field look like?

TK: ,,It is still quite far away, in november, so nothing is yet known about participants. I know that Danielle le Bruyn, the Belgian champion and number two in the Europeans, will not go, because she has a fear of flying. And it is not yet known how many Dutch people will go there. But the strong countries in women's billiards player will certainly send at least one player. The competition, I expect, will mainly be a batlle with Japanese and Korean players.''

FB: Will it be a busy year for you, with many leagues competitions and tournaments?

TK: ,,Yes, for sure. I'm going to play in three different countries, including the Netherlands in a new team with Ludo Dielis, Bart Ceulemans, Berry Dallinga and Patrick Vasseur. A young team with a great star as Ludo as the older player. In Belgium, I was supposed to leave BC Deurne, but ultimately I will stay there. I am the leader in the second team. And in Germany I stayed at SBC Salzgitter.''

FB: And the World cup tournaments?

TK: ,,I have planned to go Hurghada again, but this time not to Korea.''

FB: Are you going to New York in a few weeks for the former Sang Lee tournament?

TK: ,,No, because there is no women's tournament. I had a contact with Michael Kang earlier this year. He told me that they will organize a ladies tournament once every two years.''

FB: When I ask you: are you still improving your game without a personal trainer? Many young players, such as Kasidokostas, Bury and Haeng Jik Kim, made progression with many practicing hours per day, like all the Koreans.

TK: ,,That's an option, I should pracitce more than I do now, but that's quite difficult. I always practice at home in my own room, where it's not that easy, because I can't walk around the entire table. The problem also that it's boring me after two, three hours to play on myself. I would actually like to have a training partner, because when I have an opponent, I can play ten hours. It would be ideal for me, when we could practice in Nieuwegein with other players of the federation.''

FB: Do you miss also the strong competition in women's billiard?

TK: ,,I will have certainly at the World championship, but also here in the league. And at the Dutch championship, Karina Jetten is a tough competitor. But I'm always very focussed and sharp when I play with her. That's where I'm strong in.''

FB: How is your injury in the shoulder?

TK: ,,I suffer it again these weeks. It would be good to rest for a while, but I'm not so good in that. I want to continue training. We'll see how it develops in the following weeks.''

FB: When we look in the the future: do you think Therese Klompenhouwer still will play billiards over ten years and will she be stronger as she is now?

TK: 'Yeah, I think so, for sure. And when they give me a little push with a personal trainer, I will definitely play better.''

FB: Finally, in this sports summer, who are your big favorites actually?

TK: At the European championships football it was Xavi, the Spanish midfielder, but actually the whole Spanish team. For the Olympics, I'm looking forward to the performance of Ankie van Grunsven the horse dressage rider. I really respect her, because, I believe, it's her seventh performance already at the Olympics. And further, Roger Federer is one of my big favorites too as a sportsman.''

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