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Therese starts the Masters with sensational win

Posted by on January 11, 2019

Therese starts the Masters with sensational win

© TonSmilde/Kozoom
Therese Klompenhouwer after her winning shot in the match with De Bruijn

BERLICUM - The sensation on the first day at the Dutch three cushion championship was not the first victory of Dick Jaspers, the world champion, not the solid win of Jean van Erp, the local hero, but it came from an unexpected source, Therese Klompenhouwer.  The only lady in a field with 15 men at the Kling Masters, had a blistering start and beat Jean Paul de Bruijn with a high score of 40-18 in 23 innings. "The Masters has never really been my tournament in the past, but now I really want to shine'', said the ladies world champion and ladies world's number one.

"I did not feel great, because I was ill for a few days and did not have an ideal preparation, but anyway, I feel good now". We both did not start well in the match (11-11 in 11 innings), but I had a very good second part with a few nice runs. It's a pity that I broke off the last run when I needed ten and stopped at nine. I could have finished two innings before with my tenth point, and I also earned 100 euros. Anyway, I looked at the score at 39-18 and realized: I can never lose this match.''

Therese plays with Jean Paul de Bruijn, Dave Christiani and Raymund Swertz in her group. The other match also ended in a surprise. The two Limburg players levelled until the break, but Swertz was much better than his opponent in the second part. Swertz, supported by his wife who can give birth to a little Swertz girl at any moment, won the match 40-31 in 33 innings.

The youngest of the sixteen players at the Kling Masters, Glenn Hoffman, is one of the great talents in his country for years. The 28-year-old Hague player finished second two times at the Masters and is one of the contenders for a podium place every year in the Jaspers' shadow. On the opening day of the tournament, however, Hofman made a misstep with a loss against 30-year old Kay de Zwart. And that was another stunt at the Kling Masters, where the atmosphere was already very good on the first day and the stands were crowded.

Kay de Zwart started as a young player with a few nice results at small billiards, but after that, he did not live up to his talent. "I lived too recklessly'', he said after his victory over Glenn Hofman.  "It took a few years to realize that, but now I started a new billiard life. I give it all for my sport and that pays off at the billiard.''

He realizes that he still is not among the big players in the tournament where Dick Jaspers makes a new shot to the title and Raimond Burgman and Jean van Erp and also the first day losers Glenn Hofman and Jean Paul de Bruijn are among the much more experienced players.  "I prepared very well and I know that I can beat these kind of players'', De Zwart assured. And for sure, when the opponent plays far below his level, like Hofman did in the first round. The score was 20-10 after twelve innings, Hofman found his rhythm and came back to 32-33, but close to the last part, De Zwart was again the better player. He took the match at 40-35 in 31 innings.

Dick Jaspers opened the day with a solid match against Martien van der Spoel, scored two runs of eight and played like Jean van Erp later, the second best match of the day with 40-24 in 22 innings. The champion's comment: "I like it very much to start this new year, with a lot of big tournaments and a lot of traveling, in my own country. The Masters is the most important tournament in Holland, I really want to win and it is great to play for this great audience.''

Jeffrey Jorissen bested Frans van Schaik in Jaspers' group. His opponent had a very bad start (18-5 in 13), was better in the second half, but eventually was beaten. Roland Uijtdewillegen decided the match in the group with De Zwart and Hofman against Huub Wilkowski in a nervous fight to the end, with too many bad misses, but ultimately with a tight victory for Uijtdewillegen: 40-37 in 36.

Jean van Erp closed the day for his own audience against Wil Janssen, who is by far the oldest with his 70 years, but impressed with his sympathetic attendance. The Limburg payer from Weert didn't get many chances: Van Erp led 21-13 in 9 innings, was not on his very best, but left Janssen far behind: 40-21 in 21 was the best match of the day.

Raimond Burgman and Barry van Beers battled it out in the last match of the day for an important gain in this flight. The Brabant player took his chance in the final part of the match and scored his last one with a little luck. Burgman had to make three in the equalizer to draw, but missed the break. "This is a very important victory'', because we are with three players for two places in the knock-out. That will be a hard fight in the coming days", commented Barry van Beers.

Kay de Zwart, new billiard life, starting with a victory over Glenn Hofman

Dick Jaspers, first solid win at the Masters on his way to new glory

Jean van Erp, first win for his own audience in Belicum

Barry van Beers closed the day with a very important win over Raimond Burgman in his group



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