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Therese turns orange into gold at Europeans

Posted by on May 5, 2019

Therese turns orange into gold at Europeans

© Ton Smilde/Kozoom
Therese Klompenhouwer, happy with her 7th European title in a row

BRANDENBURG - The orange in the stands at the European three cushion championship changed into gold on the day of the final. Therese Klompenhouwer, the most celebrated women's billiard player ever, won the European title for the seventh time in a row. The doping control afterwards took longer than the final match itself, in which the Dutch crowned a demonstration of high class with a victory over the Turkish Guzin Mujde Karakasli 30-16 in 25 innings. It was one of the most superior titles in her career. "I have never been in trouble, except for one match in the pre-rounds, but most of all in the two final matches on the last day."

That final day of the European title tournament showed once again how much stronger, both in quality and mental toughness Therese Klompenhouwer is compared to all the other ladies in Europe. In the semi-final against the Dutch, born Colombian debutante Andrea Hofman, the scoreboard showed already a stunning 27-2 after 15 innings. And in the final against Karakasli, the supremacy was good for a generous lead again, 16-0 and 21-3. "I lost my focus at the end in both matches, because it all went to smoothly," Therese commented later amidst her orange-colored supporters in the arena. "I don't agree that there is a lack of opposition, because there are quite a few competitors, most of them from Turkey. But apparently, not good enough to take the European title away from me."

The new title also reflects on Dutch billiards, that plays a leading role in the world of three cushion. Dick Jaspers won the European title the day before and is also the world champion and world's number one. Therese Klompenhouwer now also has won these two major championships.

"I am running toward a quiet summer now and then I'll prepare for the World championship later this year. The opposition of the Korean and Japanese players is much stronger there. I have to fight more and I really like that. But still, it's always wonderful to win the European title, even if it is the seventh time in a row." And with the plans of the CEB to organize the championship every year in the future, her list of honor can only grow bigger and bigger.

27-year-old Guzin Mujde Karakasli, who has her own law company in Istanbul, played her first European final after having been on the podium twice before. She played an excellent tournament, with a riant victory in the semi-finals against Irena Hambalkova winning  30-12 in 39. She commented "Therese was unbeatable after her quick start in the final." The Turk, who won a Grand Prix in their own country this year, continued,  "I am happy with my tournament and with the development of women's billiards in Turkey."

The final result of the three cushion for women:

1 Therese Klompenhouwer 1.086-6
2 Guzin Mujde Karakasli 0.682-5
3 Andrea Hofman 0.416-3
4 Irena Hambalkova 0.512-4
5 Steffi Daske 0.487-7
6 Marianne Mortensen 0.477-0.477
7 Danielle Le Bruyn 0.649-4
8 Mirjam Pruim-Emmens 0534-4
9 Gülsen Degener 0.450-4
10 Jaimie Buelens 0.408-3.

Therese Klompenhouwer on her way to another gold at the Europeans with the orange fans in the stands

Guzin Mujde Karakasli, one of the upcoming Turkish stars, took the silver medal in her first European final

Therese Klompenhouwer, the world's best and Europe's best after her final win against Guzin Mujde Karakasli





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