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Three cushion in Netherlands: golden future

Posted by on May 29, 2018

Three cushion in Netherlands: golden future

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Paul Brekelmans, interviewed by Kozoom: the future of billiards in the Netherlands

OOSTERHOUT - The Dutch billiards federation is one of the biggest billiard nations in the world with its 26.000 members. The KNBB is divided into two parts: the Carambole Association and Three-Cushion Section. In addition, about the same number play in so-called wild leagues, not affiliated with the KNBB. With its 1800 members, 3-cushion is relatively small, but the most popular discipline in billiards is by far the most in the spotlight. Dick Jaspers is a world player, a dozen players outside the top twenty travels around the world to play World Cups and other international tournaments.

Also unique in Dutch billiards is the organization of team events. The Buffalo league, is one of the strongest competitions in the world. There is also a cup competition for teams, in which the Netherlands is the only country. About a hundred teams of at least four players started at the start of the season in the preliminaries throughout the country. Now, eight finalists are left, which play the KNBB Jumbo cup final in De Bussel in Oosterhout this week.

Paul Brekelmans, interim chairman and secretary, together with Hans de Bruin, competition secretary and treasurer, have been on their own for quite some time. The future looks glorious, partly with the organization of six World championships coming up in the next years and another big project in the planning. The shortage of board members was discussed during the Section meeting last week. The good news: a technical committee has been with five people from billiards allover.

Harry Matthijssen (organizer), Bennie Deegens (former board member), Carl Verhoeven (sponsor), Jean Paul de Bruijn (player), Jerry Hermans (club holder and player).

Paul Brekelmans: ,,With these people we will discuss a lot in the coming time, because there are many important things to decide. They are people with knowledge of things, who are in the middle of billiards. Of course we want to expand the board. In any case, the technical committee is already a step forward. And luckily we are helped by Henny Wezenbeek, who will be the sports leader at the cup finals. He likes doing that..., and we are very happy with him.''

The Section faces important decisions in the coming month and in the run-up to the new competition:
X Will the next league will again be decided by play-offs?
X If so, will the final be played in a different form, in a home and away match?
X What will happen to the rule for foreign players?
X How do we continue internationally?

Paul Brekelmans, living in Veldhoven, Brabant, married to Anja, in daily life planner for 600 bus drivers, also international referee, loos forward on the eve of the cup final in Oosterhout (Wednesday, May 30 to Saturday, June 3).


,,The decision about the foreigners has still not been taken definitively. We sat around the table with the team leaders a while ago to talk about it. Ten of twelve wanted to go back to the earlier model with at least two Dutch players per team, one didn't want that, but would agree with the decision. And one, who has now stopped with his team, was pertinent against it. In the coming week we will take the decision together with the technical committee. We have invited a lawyer to explain things and then come to a decision.''


,,On the 13th of June we have planned another meeting with the team leaders. There we talk about the system of the competition: with or without play-offs at the end. The opinions are divided: there are people who think that the team that is on top of the ranking, is the champion. On the other hand, will there be the same tension as now. The champion can already be known four or five matches from the end. I personally think the play-offs are a good system. The premier division has never been so exciting as the last two years. We also have to conclude that it is difficult for foreign top players to allow teams play at full strength. The international calendar, which is fuller with the year, gives little space. Players have to make more and more choices.''


,,My preference is to play the cup final from next year no longer in sets, but to 40 caroms. The entire pre-rounds with 100 teams could stay like this: to sets of fifteen. The strength of the cup competition is that every lower-playing team can meet a top team and play against Jaspers, Caudron or Merckx. We don't want to change that. The cup final, like this week, could be played to 40 caroms, but we will also discuss that together.''

At De Bussel in Oosterhout, the final with eight teams will start this Wednesday (May 30). Six teams are from the Buffalo League.
The participating teams in groups:

Group A:
SIS Schoonmaak, The Hague
STZ Zundert, Zundert, Sluiskil
W.v.d.Sanden, Hilvarenbeek

Group B:
HCR Prinsen, Haarlo
L & B Ledermode, Hoeven
MCR Oosterhout
La Plaza, Hoensbroek.

The entrance is free.
Wednesday starts at 13.00, the last matches at 19.00.
Thursday: 13.00, last round 19.00.
Friday: 13.00, last round 19.00.
Saturday, semi-finals at 11.00 and 13.30, final is at 16.00 and 18.30.

Kozoom broadcasts all matches live this week.

Paul Brekelmans during the World Games in Poland


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