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Top favourites show high class at the start in Viersen

Posted by on February 22, 2018

Top favourites show high class at the start in Viersen

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The Turkish team with Tayfun Tasdemir and Semih Sayginer, the German team with Martin Horn and Ronny Lindemann

VIERSEN - The Koreans had a flying start, the Dutch, Germans and danes also got out of the blocks wel, but there will be three hard fought days left in the World Championship for national teams. The record winners are absent: Sweden (Blomdahl/Nilsson) won the event nine times but they were not selected to be amongst the 16 countries in Viersen. The country ranking has Belgium in first place, and they are one of the favorites, as are the Netherlands, Korea, Turkey and Germany. The Korean title holders had the best start on the first day. With Sung Won Choi and Dong Koong Kang, they have two formidable players that can give Europe a run for the money. The host country Germany started with a walkover against Colombia, whereas the Belgians (Caudron/Philipoom) had their first appearance against Lebanon. Netherlands (Jaspers/de Bruijn) had a strong finish, and the Turks (Sayginer / Tasdemir) won but were not in fifth gear yet.

They found that extra gear in their second match, already a decider for the group win, against Germany. It turned into a masterful win: Tasdemir and Sayginer quickly established a 12-2 and 20-7 lead, to win 40-20 in 20. It guarantees them a place in the last 8. Germany now needs to beat Ramon Rodriguez's Peru to qualify. Semih Sayginer had a good story after the Germany match. ,,We took a picture, the German players and Tayfun and myself. I looked at Tayfun and thought: We played here in 2003 and 2004 together, won the title in 2004. On the pictures that were taken then, you can see us with black hair."' 

After UMB president Farouk Barki's speech, the first matches were played in front of a remarkably youthful crowd. It's a tradition in the "Festhalle", the opening day has a parade of young musicians and singing school kids, welcoming the players to the arena. The field has been reduced from 24 to 16 countries, which resulted in the absence of countries like Sweden (Blomdahl) and Spain (Sánchez), Italy (Zanetti) is also absent.

The most recent succes duo's have been split up: the Belgians won four times in a row in Viersen (Caudron/Merckx), and Jaspers was partnered by Jean van Erp when the Netherlands won two years ago. Other top countries that could go far in this championship are the Koreans, the Germans and the Turks. The title holders, now represented by Choi and Kang, made runs of 9 and 10 to defeat that other Asian superpower: Vietnam, 40-21 in 16. Nguyen Quoc Nguyen and Quyet Chien Tran were too unproductive in the early innings and could never catch up. The Germans were even more dominant against the Colombians. The match was a formality before it was even halfway, and it ended 40-10 in 26.

The other teams from South America could not do much better than Colombia. Peru lost to Turkey (40-24 in 36), Ecuador to the Netherlands (40-21 in 23). The long trip was not an excuse, said Javier Teran, who forms an experienced team with Luiz Aveiga. ,,The Dutch were much better, mostly because Dick jaspers missed nothing.'' Jaspers, who has played with various teammates in the past years, and has shown tremendous form in the past months and weeks, commented: ,,It's important to keep your concentration in this format, but on the other hand, you can make a helping comment from time to time.'' Jean Paul de Bruijn: ,,We've known each other for almost 40 years now, there are few secrets left.''

Frédéric Caudron, having lost quite a few pounds, and Jef Philipoom found Lebanon to be tougher than expected. From 22-20 the Belgian won 40-31 in 35.  Jef Philipoom had some advice for the cleaning crew: ,,The balls aren't clean, that caused us some problems. They have polishing machines, so they should use them.''

In the last round of the four flights, France (Barbeillon/Melnytschenko) were chased by the Japanese, but they brought the match home: 40-34 in 32. The Danes (Carlsen / Andersen) had a great start with a win over Greece, and the young Egyptians (Sidhom/Abdin) edged Austria with a closing run of six: 40-38 in 36.



All players on stage for the opening ceremony

The Korean title defender now in the line-up with Sung-Won Choi and Dong-Koong Kang

Tayfun Tasdemir plaing for Turkey with Semih Sayginer

Dick Jaspers and Jean Paul de Bruijn: old and goodfriends at the table

Frédéric Caudron lost some weight before the start of the World championship

Luis Aveiga and Javier Teran: no excuse, the Dutch were too good

Sameh Sidhom and Mohamed Abdin, both in full concentration, sprinted with six to victory against Austria

Dionisis Tsokantas, first loss for Greece with Nikos Polychronopoulos

Thomas Anderson had a promising start for Denmark with Tonny Carlsen

Robinson Morales and Fernando Diaz: poor start and a tough group is waiting


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My Comments

Georges lteif
Georges lteif
George lteif
Dear Mr Frits,
We did not play well and the Belgian team too! I would like to remind you that playing against the Lebanese team is not a warm up match!!!

George Lteif

Message 1/2 - Publish at February 23, 2018 1:33 AM

Late night
I’m very sorry not to have changed the under title for the picture: we had the same picture for both English and Dutch version. The German team with Martin and Ronny. Then, at the end of the day, we received the picture with the Turkish and German players. Just before we left the venue, I decided to change the picture on the English site. And the change of title failed.
Very sorry for that: I’ll make the correction When I come to the venue.
And you can ask Semih and Tayfun: I’m a huge fan of them and Turkish billiards and their players. Just a late night mistake.
For my friend George, we all supposed: Belgium-Lebanon is a kind of a warm up for Caudron and Philipoom.
Both you and your team mate surprised the billiard fans with your wonderful performance. I wish you lots of success in your next matches.

Message 2/2 - Publish at February 23, 2018 7:31 AM

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