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Top three shows World Cup level on second day

Posted by on July 3, 2019

Top three shows World Cup level on second day

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In-Won Kang, another Korean at high level in World Cup circuit

PORTO - The top three in the World Cup in Porto already signalled on Porto's second day the high level that is expected for the coming days. The Korean In-Won Kang entered the FC Porto arena for the first time, Rui Costa and Jacob Sörensen came from the European Cup and were used to the tables and the surroundings. The second day offered five extra chances, because five players had cancelled their participation. Sixteen group winners were supplemented with the best five runners up. Jean Reverchon, Monday's day winner, was the last to use that bonus.

In-Won Kang presents himself as a new Korean top player in the last tournaments. In his first performance, Kang won his matches to 30 points without being in trouble in 13 and 16 innings, good for 2,068 average. The Portuguese champion Rui Costa was an excellent second in the rankings with matches in 13 and 18 innings. Jacob Haack Sörensen, from the strong team of BK Grøndal, confirmed his high class with 1.818 and the best day's runs of 13 and 10.

The winner field also showed the names of the surprising Norwegian Lars-Harald Riber, three Frenchmen, Gwendal Maréchal, Mikaël Devogelaere and Jérôme Barbeillon, good-old Jef Philipoom and Juan Bouterin Bote, a good friend of Dani Sánchez.

Maxime Panaia, one of the great talents, couldn't show his best form and was eliminated. Jose Miguel Soares ran into the power of his teacher Rui Costa. Wilco Meusen spoiled a leading score against Jérôme Barbeillon, finally could draw and was rewarded by a place in the next round. Tobias Bouerdick, a talented German, just missed it out on his mission.

The day ranking on Tuesday:
1 In-Won Kang 4-2.068-9
2 Rui Costa 4-1.935-7
3 Jacob Sörensen 4-1.818-13
4 José-Maria Mas 4-1.363-8
5 Gwendal Maréchal 4-1.363-7
6 Ronny Lindemann 4-1.333-9
7 Carlos Crespo 4-1.333-7
8 Mikaël Devogelaere 4-1.333-6
9 Manol Minaoglu 4-1.276-8
10 Jef Philipoom 4-1.250-8
11Sung Il Jeong 4-1.071-5
12 Juan Bouterin Bote 4-0.882-5
13 Lars-Harald Riber 4-0.759-6
14 Jérôme Barbeillon 3-1.176-6
15 Turgay Orak 3-1.132-6
16 Chang Hoon Seo 2-1.272-7

The five runners-up fort he next round:
1 Wilco Meusen 3-1.153-8
2 Manuel Santos Oliveira 3-1.034-4
3 Dong Hoon Kim 2-1.309-8
4 Jean Reverchon 2-1.195-6
5 Herbert Szivach 2-0.982-7

The tension is growing today, on the second last day of qualifications with 16 groups in a hard fight for the positions on top. The most known players who show up for the first time today:

Ahmet Alp, Arnim Kahofer, Juan David Zapata, Gökhan Salman, David Pennör, Antonio Montes, Murat Tüzül, Yusuke Mori, Peter Ceulemans, Therese Klompenhouwer, Wan Young Choi, Chi Yeon Cho, Thomas Andersen, Barry van Beers, Kostas Kokkoris, Xuan Cuong Ma en Bong chul Kim.

Rui Costa, the only, but excellent Portuguese in top 16

Jacob Haack Sörensen, from the strond BK Grøndal team, showing his high class in the World Cup

Gwendal Maréchal, the best of three French qualifiers

Jef Philipoom, the good-old Belgian

Wilco Meusen, best runner-up on second day in Porto








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