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Torbjörn Blomdahl: happy that my boys are here again

Posted by on September 2, 2016

Torbjörn Blomdahl: happy that my boys are here again

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Torbjörn Blomdahl, high in the stands with his two sons Yannick (20) and Henrik (14)

GURI - Starting up with a very short match, a kind of warm-up, change clothes and quickly to his two boys. Torbjörn Blomdahl is on World Cup tour with his sons Yannick (20) and Henrik (14), for the first time in a long time. One of the sons does breakdance and the other judo. ,,The last time they came to see me was the Crystal Kelly tournament, when they were little boys'', said the Swede, who had a nice walk-over on the first day of the Guri World Cup against the Egyptian Magued Elias: 40-6 in 13, average 3.077 against 0.461.

There is not so much time to make trips these days. Torbjörn: ,,I told them before that we can't do so much outside of billiards. But they were free from school, both they like it and told me they want to support me. I enjoy it of course that the are with me again for a World Cup.'' And so it could happen that Marco Zanetti asked Yannick, the oldest, in the stands: ,,Why do you always wear a hat'' Yannick, quick and witty: ,,Just because I like it...'' And Yannick, later outside the arena: ,,Some people like to talk about love and peace, I speak about my hats, I have hundreds in my room.'' Yannick, says Torbjörn, does some performances as a dancer. Henrik had to stop judo for a while, because his knee hurts, probably due to rapid growth.''

The World Cup opening, said the Swede, was of no sportive value. ,,My opponent only left me nice positions, so it was a good practice. Thirteen innings doesn't mean anything for me. Moreover, it's a level that many others can play nowadays.'' His year has not been very good, Blomdahl realized. The explanation is not obvious. ,,I have to play better, actually, but I'm is not very far from my normal level. The conclusion is that others are getting better and that it is more difficult to win matches. My year partly started with a few strong matches in a tournament, followed by a poor match, mostly around the quarter-finals. I must improve to not lose my position on the ranking.''

The world championship in Bordeaux, where Blomdahl defends his title this year and 120 points, following the World Cups in Guri and La Baule is an important mission. The ranking is always moving. Torbjörn: ,,You can see it here on the first day, players from the top twelve are already out. The difference in level is very small, the Koreans are getting stronger and stronger.''

Jae Ho Cho was the next top player in the last session to disappear from the stage. That happened in the Korean clash with Jung Han Heo, former number one player in his country, but condemned to play the preliminaries. Heo dominated the match, first to 15-9 in 8, 22-10 in 10, 29-23 in 13, and after Cho had chances at
the end, Heo could close it on 40-36 in 19.

Tayfun Tasdemir colored the evening session in his final inning, when the Turk finished it off with a stylish run of 11 to 40-26 in 16 innings. Therefore he was in the leading group of winners with Javier Palazón (in 12), Torbjörn Blomdahl (in 13) and Jérémy Bury (15).

Quyet Chien Tran reached the next round by a win over Choong-Bok Lee (40-30 in 25), the Korean who is - besides a billiard player - also a singer and entertainer.

Jung Han Heo knocked out his countryman Jae Ho Cho

The Vietnamese Quyet Chien Tran joined the last sixteen

The matches for the next round on Saturday:


Sung-Won Choi-Dong Koong Kang
Murat Naci Coklu-Myung Woo Cho
Javier Palazón-Lütfi Cenet
Eddy Merckx-Jérémy Bury


Adnan Yüksel-Dick Jaspers
Young Hoon Lee-Ruben Legazpi
Quyet Chien Tran-Tayfun Tasdemir
Torbjörn Blomdahl-Jung Han Heo

Quarter finals at 16.00 en 18.00.

Torbjörn Blomdahl, a walk-over in the first round

Tayfun Tasdemir finished with eleven


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