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3-Cushion - World Cup - Ho Chi Minh (VIE)

Controversial shot during the 9th inning of the Semifinal Caron-Zanetti: End of the Polemic

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Santo Viglianesi
Santo Viglianesi
Thank you Kozoom
Now all the world to see in Full HD that the point of Marco Zanetti is regular!

Message 1/4 - Publish at May 30, 2016 4:09 PM

Clear UMB rule(s) for future
Only by focusing on whether it was a carom or not for this particular case, it would make the 3-cushion referee's job even harder from tomorrow.

Yes, the referee was standing far away from the third cushion but at the same time we all know as common sense that 'a player must show clear action of the cue ball making the 3 cushion evidently'.

If we put an end to the polemic like this, such unpleasant outbreaks could be repeated more often.

The meaningful polemic should continue until the UMB refines governing rule(s) which may handle such cases near perfection (either no-one or no rule can be perfect, practically).

I really hope the UMB jumps into this matter to show the responsibility than leaving such stuff between and among the players and innocent referee.
The referee who is the master of the match should not be a victim at the end of the day. Let's face it !

I enjoyed a few videos of this Hochiminh Worldcup and am sure it was one of the best Worldcups I have ever seen. The only stain is deeply regretful.

Message 2/4 - Publish at May 30, 2016 4:15 PM

Gentlemen's sport
Extract from Bert van Manen - Facebook Bert's Billiards page -
30 mei om 22:49
Thanks, Bert, for editing my comments.

I hope that this will (partially) clarify the post of "inception" - An Umpire in Tennis has sometimes to recall a decision. No shame about it! There is a strong similarity with 3-Cushion referee's.

Comments about the "Zanetti - shot". Or rather, about an aspect of the referee situation.

I am glad that the matter has been cleared, thanks to the Kozoom HD and slow motion pictures.

What can we learn from the ambiguous discussions on Facebook and Kozoom, where comments were sometimes more harsh than they should have been?

Let me remind you that for many decades now, the 3-Cushion sports has been considered a gentlemen’s sport. This has nothing to do with amateur or professional status, it did not change when the professional 3-Cushion circuit was introduced by the BWA. Why?

Contrary to a sport like football, where players are almost EXPECTED TO LIE to the referee and attempt to make him change decisions in their favor, in the precision sport of 3-Cushion we expect our players to COOPERATE with the referee AND WITH EACH OTHER, to come up with the right decision.

If there is a dispute, if there is doubt - and this happens frequently and on all levels - the situation must always be solved in a gentleman's manner.

This adds responsibility to the opponent, who can sometimes prevent a problem. It also adds to the task of the referee, who must sometimes change his decision, if both players agree about the shot. If players disagree, naturally the referee's decision always stands.

The most important responsibility lies with the player himself, who must protect his own integrity, and walk to his chair if he is not convinced his point was correct.

We must never forget that this three-party responsibility between players and referee is not found in any other sport.

Unlike in many other sports, 3-Cushion (top)players, have the ability to accept a defeat gracefully. They often discuss the crucial positions with their opponent. Even right after the match … because they are gentlemen.

In conclusion, we must accept the fact that the referees, under these extreme demands, sometimes have to bow to the opinion of the two players, if they are in full agreement that the point should be counted. It does not make a referee incompetent, he or she should not feel remorse. As long as we do not have the possibility of instant slow motion replay of the point (like the Hawkeye in tennis) we must accept this issue.

The class with which we handle these situations, is what makes our sport a gentleman's sport!

Message 3/4 - Publish at May 31, 2016 2:07 PM

Crying Wolf
even from replay I see the referee was right. Marco was wrong. He was just a crying wolf, and Frederic felt sympathy for him.

Message 4/4 - Publish at February 8, 2019 8:55 PM

Crying wolf
The shot was good, though difficult for the official to appreciate.
Pay a lttle more attention Sperry Sun.

Publish at February 10, 2019 2:08 AM

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