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The monthly pass issue

Posted by on March 20, 2012

The monthly pass issue


We have experienced lately that some of our customers and some friends from within the billiard community have asked the question, why it was not possible to have access to the Kozoom website for one month only.

The website with all its features is a huge enterprise and needs to be thoroughly thought through and planned. Part of that planning also contains the financial securing of the website. Any enterprise is of course only able to survive if the figures at the end of the day show a positive result. In other words: The shorter the period of access is that we would grant to our viewers, the more expensive we would have to make it. This website is not meant to be a pay-per-view site, it is built on a subscription model instead.

The monthly premium pass is based on calculations that only work if the customer renews his premium pass at least for another month. Otherwise, the costs for the monthly premium pass would have to be recalculated and raised considerably. In order to be able to continue and provide the best quality possible to our clients at reasonable prices, we would prefer to keep the system as it is and make sure that all friends and members understand that for the above reasons it is NOT possible to get access for one month only with a monthly pass with automatic renewal. The minimum time for the monthly pass is TWO MONTHS!

But seriously: It is all just a matter of timing, isn’t it. Looking at the calendar this year, there is no month that a user would remain “dry” since there was no event. With all Euro-Tours, European Championships and the European Open, there is action going on almost throughout the whole year. Therefore, the best move for you and for us is the annual premium pass. The more subscribers we can get the better we can do our job. We can even extend our coverage and launch new projects. Together with our customers, we will revolutionise the sport!

We hope this explains the situation a bit better and gives you a quick inside view into our policy.


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My Comments

How it is possible, that Kozoom charge me without asking me??? The reasons above is BULLSHIT !!! If your costs are big, so charge 20,- per 2 months and dont hide this info !!! And dont put on the banner that you have great price "only for 10,-per month" and after you quietly charge another 10,- and explain that I should read all the conditions !!! Start to be fair and people will like you, with stealing our money, there is no way you will be succsefull !!!!!!

Message 1/10 - Publish at April 21, 2012 12:55 PM

Take it easy
Conditions of monthly pass with recurring payment are clearly mentioned when you place your order (and of course on the banner mentioned). Note that you can manage yourself the cancellation of your Monthly Pass in your member account.

Message 2/10 - Publish at April 21, 2012 2:20 PM

Card info also?
Does that mean you store credit card info including CVV code as well?

Message 3/10 - Publish at April 22, 2012 12:36 AM

Payment service
Kozoom does not store/access to your Credit Cards infos. All payments are taken in charge by Ogone, one of the European leaders in online Payment:

Message 4/10 - Publish at May 15, 2012 8:55 PM

When I herd of this site and saw the qualityit of the broadcast it was obvious to me that I should be a constant member. I think it is fantastic that it is possible to get accsess to well-edited pool tournaments in world class on the webb for such small amount!

Thank you Kozoom for making this possible!

Message 5/10 - Publish at May 20, 2012 11:13 PM

100% agree!!!! they're stealing from us. I'll tell the whole world about their greed for money money and only money. Don't buy from them, there are so many unhappy customers !!!! I warned you friends!

Message 6/10 - Publish at June 17, 2012 8:35 PM - Edited at June 18, 2012 3:51 PM

Mr Buda is violating chapter 3.4 of the Terms and Condition of Use and we confronted him with that. In first instance he was very pro-Kozoom, polite and apologized his behaviour but unfortunately he keeps on bringing the positive pool exposure and future in jeopardy.

Don't know why Kozoom deserves this kind of feedback. Luckily the majority is very...very satisfied.

Message 7/10 - Publish at June 18, 2012 3:57 PM - Edited at June 18, 2012 5:12 PM

ohh c'mon...
Mr. Gerard ten Lohuis was very rude to me and this is his first message to me after few days of non answering. He just can't accept that I'm innocent and he keeps accusing me for something obviously other member(s) done.
Pool community please answer this question. How would you react after someone keeps accusing you without proof or any indication? Let me answer that, first you would try to explain throughly and then after that didn't work you would probably share your opinion about this company so others can know what to expect. And after my oppinio (which he obviously don't like) he have courage to disgrace me publicly!! Of course I will be rude after all of that!
This is democracy, so I'm using my right to share personal experience about kozoom! Thomas Overbeck and Marco Takis are only persons I appreciate in this megalomaniac corp. Don't know how do they fit here.

Regards my friends,
Davor Budimir, nickname Buda

Message 8/10 - Publish at June 18, 2012 9:38 PM

Thomas Overbeck
Thomas Overbeck
Wait !
Dear Davor,

I have seen your posts and I have also been informed about Kozoom material being put on Youtube. Regardless of who is responsible for that, I would like to make the following comments:

(1) The Kozoom Pool website with all its features is a product that many pool fans all over the World have been waiting for. Of course, you cannot create a product that everyone likes or is satisfied with. But we have found that the vast majority of our users are happy with what we provide them. It is absolutely legal and legitimate if Kozoom are protecting their interests and prevent people from damaging the product. This goes for putting any copies of our content on free websites like Youtube.

(2) Whatever the problem might be, it is absolutely deconstructive to make accusations here that Kozoom would be “stealing money”, “being greedy”, etc. Let me tell you something: The opposite is true. I am involved in this whole product as you know. I see what efforts are made and what the costs are to be taken care of. Buda, my true opinion is that if I would be the owner of this website, I would probably ask for even higher prices than Kozoom do at the moment. I personally see the benefit of the website, and the relation to the price is undisputable. I know that there are other streams out there that are free. But to be honest: I’d rather have a high class product and pay for it than watch some low budget production for free. But that’s me personally.

(3) As I stated earlier, there are high costs involved in this whole project. Nobody (!) would do something like that and expect nothing or just the costs covered in return. Let’s do the thinking here. Do you know why successful companies like Matchroom produce pool events? Because they earn money from it! That’s the idea. Now, why should Kozoom not be allowed to do that? Someone comes along, invests a huge amount of money and resources and hopes to one day end up on the profit side. Great! I totally understand this and I hope they are successful. What would be the other side? If people copy Kozoom’s content to youtube and make it available for free, all the “smart” guys cancel their subscription and get the videos and LiveStream for free. And then? How long do you think Kozoom will be around for? What will be the end result? I can tell you: No Kozoom, no more high quality LiveStream and video galleries and all other features that this website presents to its customers. Is that what we want? Stepping backwards just because we don’t want someone to make money on a project that we all benefit from? You cannot seriously want that!

(4) Thanks for positively mentioning Marco and myself in your comment. Obviously, you like what we provide you with. However, let me tell you this: We can only be there and do what we do because the team at Kozoom works the way it does. Xavier, Gerard, and all the others are doing their bits and pieces in order to make the whole thing work. I can assure you that Gerard is only doing his job when he contacted you. I know him quite well and I would be more than surprised if Gerard would have been rude to you without a given reason. Consider your own approach and try to understand the business side that Kozoom is coming from. Then you will definitely come to a different result.

I would hope that you could contact Gerard once more and clear the misunderstandings that might have been there. However, let me ask this favour of you: Whatever happens in the future, it would be more constructive if you would refrain from wrong accusations and insults in public writings. That does no good to you. It just harms our common goal: To have high quality pool production at a reasonable price so that everyone can be happy and enjoy the service.

I hope you’ll take my point, Buda, and I hope you will continue to be the good and constructive customer that I have got to know over time.

Best regards,

Thomas Overbeck

Message 9/10 - Publish at June 19, 2012 8:48 AM

Hi Thomas
Everything you said I agree. If you think you should ask for more money becouse the cost are High, so then ask for more money. I know that the information about continuosly charging and minimum twice" is somewhere there, but small and non-english speaking people dont know about it, that why they dont send you e-mail or any comment here on forum, becouse the DONT speak english !!! It would be enough to put on the first banner: "20,-EUR/2Months" !!! and "8,-Eur/48hours"...etc.
I dont agree it is very cheap:example: in case I would like to see only one specific tournament, so I want to buy only 2 weeks in whole year. So I know, it will cost me 20,-Eur.. So in this case, I dont actualy agree it is very low price for only one tour and second meny people actualy didnt even notice, that Kozoom will charge them continuesly, until you ask them to STOP CHARGING ME PLEASE!!! I HAVE SEEN WHAT I WANTED!!! --- And dont forget - THEY DONT SPEEK ENGLISH --- so they have to find out what is going on and after send you an e-mail in english somehow... That is my opinion, I dont want to blaim anyone from harworking Kozoom people, they do GREAT job, but these are the problems for many people..

Message 10/10 - Publish at June 20, 2012 1:41 PM

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