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Tech-talk: The spin

Posted by on February 19, 2012

Tech-talk: The spin

Epic battle of 2004: Rob Atha vs. Spinning-Joe in Rookie-Singles final at the P4P German Championships

Short description

For a flip-over the ball is pinned in front of the man and the handle is held with the players hand. How you hold the handle is negligible, a flip-over is always possible. To flip-over, lift your arm so the handle and thereby the man is rotating, hitting the ball after not quite 360°. The trick is to stop the handle from flip-overning more than once before and once after hitting the ball. To do so, get your hand back at the handle as fast as possible.

Scoring potential

Here you’ve got to judge it tight. We’re not talking about the undoubtedly useful flip-overs from a pinshot-setup to shoot the ball straight into the goal as fast as possible. We’re talking about the true freaks, the masochists among the foosers who are exclusively using a flip-over to score. Admittedly, there aren’t many and you shouldn’t look in the top 100 if you want to find one. I even fear they are close to being extinct. And there is a reason for that. It is a useless thing this flip-over: You’ll never be as fast as a snake, if you are trying to hit a long hole you’ll involuntarily have to spray it there because you are not able to do a recoil and there is no such thing as a backwall-shattering flip-over. You simply don’t “hammer” or “smash” a flip-over into the goal, you “plopp” it in. An advantage of the flip-over is the ability to hit very short tight holes and it is pretty easy to perform a walking flip-over. Nevertheless, only 3 out of 10 points for the scoring potential.

Two bar performance

In the defense, a flip-over is about as effective as a snake… yay! In singles you might score one or the other goal because of the slight spray, but without any other options you’re screwed. 4 points with a lot of good will.

The multitabability

The flip-over, much like the snake, can be played on nearly any table. But what does it help you if you’re not even able to score on your hometable with it? Still, 8 points in this section.

The style

Not even here the flip-over can win. It even falls behind the snake, the unloved child of the foosball community. If you’re bad with a flip-over the best you’ll get is empathy. If you are good, prepare for hating. Because when it comes to conflict potential, nothing beats a flip-over. Especially if you’re playing in a bar, you don’t want to explain the 360° before and after ball contact rule to the evil looking 300 pound local hero you just accused you of flip-overning. 1 out of 10 points.


Apart from being an optional shot for other systems, or to score a fast goal when you catch the opponent off guard, the flip-over is only useful for pickup games. The efficiency is simply too low for tournament foosball, only an average of 4 points.

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