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Déclaration de Frédéric Caudron
And now, time to announce that I will join PBA tour in Korea. Not an easy decision but after I have been insulted by Kozoom (in 6 languages) and threatened of "lifetime suspension" by the UMB if I participate at "illegal" tournaments, it made it logical... And as other "loyal" players who chose for UMB (they are described like this on kozoom, what means that other players will be "outlaws"), I want to play all possible tournaments. But according to UMB rules, I should be suspended. Can you imagine a suspension (for life as they said) just for playing other tournaments? What is it about? Business? Where is their morality ??? Then if they follow their rules for me, they will have to suspend many players who joined "illegal" tournaments last season (many examples)...anyway, i hope they will stop to treat me as the "enemy of the state", I am not a criminal, just a billiard player... At this moment, I miss respect...Hopefully everybody will understand without judging...
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