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Alipio Jorge, FC Porto: World Cup is a TV-spectacle

Posted by on May 30, 2014

Alipio Jorge, FC Porto: World Cup is a TV-spectacle

© FC Porto club
Alipio Jorge Fernandes, organizer of the World Cup with FC Porto

PORTO - The Portuguese billiards organizer Alipio Jorge Fernandes, who is part of the mighty football stronghold FC Porto and has grown up in the wonderful land of Cristiano Ronaldo, is back on the calendar of the world federation. With his team, which is known by the organization of World Championships and World Cups, he's hosting the third World Cup of the year from 8 until 14 September.

The organization, with many young billiard players and referees, is part of FC Porto football club, one of the most famous clubs in the world, twice winner of the Champions League (1987, 2004), twice the Europa League, twice the World Soccer Cup, 27 league titles and 16 times the cup.

Two World Cups in three cushion have been played so far this year: Korean Jae Ho Cho won in Istanbul in a final against Sung-Won Choi and in Luxor, the two leaders of the world faced each other: Frédéric Caudron defeated Torbjörn Blomdahl. The Belgian world champion won.
The World Cup in Porto is the third in the cycle with the entire world top.

Kozoom had an interview with Alipio Jorge Fernandes about the tournament.

Profile :
Name: Alipio Jorge Fernandes
Living and born in: Porto
Age: 65
Children: one daughter
Profession: Director, manager, administrator.

Frits Bakker: The decision to organize another World Cup in Porto's has been taken only a few months ago. What was the reason for a return to the calendar ?

Alipio Jorge: ,,Many people, mainly billiards friends, asked us for a new World Cup in Porto! Well, as we have the conditions to do that, why not?''

FB: The tournament will be played in the great stadium of FC Porto. How does the billiard room look like? Is it a new location of the club?
AJ: ,,It will be inside the new pavilion, called Dragão Caixa, just close to Dragao stadium and the stunning new museum of FC Porto.''

FB: What can you say about the venue... and what is the capacity, how many spectators can watch the games live?
AJ: ,,The venue will be spectacular: more than 1.000 spectators can watch the matches, but this is fundamentally a tournament for TV... We'll have 30 hours of TV broadcasting, 12 or 15 hours live ! ''

FB: Billiards is one of many sports disciplines at FC Porto. Are you the founder of the billiard club?
AJ: ,,No, FC Porto's billiards was founded sixty years ago. I only took this responsibility after 1982. FC Porto has many other sports like handball, basketball, roller hockey, boxing, swimming, para-athletics.''

FB: What is your role in the FC Porto organization? And what can you tell about the structure of the club? Does each sports discipline as its own president? And do they represent their club in the main board of FC Porto football club?
AJ: ,,I am one of the vice-presidents of FC Porto, responsible for billiard, administrator of the club's maazine which is published since 1985. And President of the Houses of FC Porto, where our supporters in several countries come together, watch football matches on TV. They are fans of FC Porto from New York to Sidney, all over the world (more than 200 houses).''

FB: What is your involvement with the football club, which is one of the most famous clubs in the world?

AJ: ,,We all follow the football club everywhere, because we know that the heart of the club is football. Indeed, we are a winners club and the current president Pinto da Costa is the one all over the world with more titles since ever.''

FB: What can you tell about your own billiard career?
AJ: 'I started playing billiards since my 17th's, after 1982 representing FC Porto and after that I win precisly 50 national titles, individual and by teams. And I became the sportsman with the most titles in the 120 year's history of FC Porto.''

FB: How big the billiards club of FC Porto?
AJ: ,,We have more than 100 members, with four teams (two three cushion and a youth team, all of them in the first division and we have a lady's pool team, which is also champions in Portugal.''

FB: How many World Cups and other tournaments did you have organized with FC Porto?
AJ: ,,From 1982 to 1995, we organized one European championship. Then nine World Cups, one World championship, three European championships, two finals of the Coupe d'Europe for clubs, one Eurocup, 2 Ibero-American championships, 1 UMB Congress, 1CEB congress and many qualification groups for European clubs.''

FB What are FC Porto's greatest successes in billiards?
AJ: ,,Three silver and five bronze medals in the European Cup for clubs. In Portugal, we are the club with the most titles (championships, cups and super cups).''

FB: Which foreign players have played for the team?
AJ: ,,Dani Sánchez, Torbjörn Blomdahl, Semih Sayginer, Hans Laursen, Nikos Polychronopoulos, Dick Jaspers, Ramon Rodriguez, Murat Naci Coklu, Tayfun Tasdemir, Saul Corro, Máximo Aguirre, Raul Hernandez, Ruben Legazpi, Sang Lee, Jung Han Heo, Lola Granados and Amalia Matas. ''

FB: What can you say about Portuguese billiards in general? There are no real top players for the moment, but are there some talents coming up?
AJ: ,,Unfortunately there are no top players in Portugal. But we are doing our job and João Ferreira is one of our new talents. Don't forget that we have one of the best billiard schools.''

FB What is the Portuguese federation doing to attract young players and train new talents?
AJ: ,,Nothing, for the moment.''

FB: Are you a fanatical supporter when FC Porto's football team is playing?
AJ: ,,Yes, of course... I love football.''

FB: Who were your favorite players now and in the past?
AJ: ,,Madjer, Gomes, Cubillas, Futre, Hulk, Deco, Carvalho and many others.''

FB: And your favorite coaches?
AJ: ,,Artur Jorge, José Mourinho and André Vilas-Boas.''

FB: How would you rate the chances of Portugal at the World Cup in Brazil in the group with Germany, the USA and Ghana?
AJ: ,,We have good chances to survive in the qualification group.''

FB: What do you expect from the new World Cup in Porto? What is the maximum number of players that can participate?
AJ: ,,More are less 300 players, including national qualifications.''

FB: The tournament will get some extra shine by the comeback of Semih Sayginer. Can he rely on a wildcard or does he have to play all the qualification rounds?
AJ: ,,Semih is a Dragon member, that means he's one of us. Here, he is at home. About wild cards, we can talk later."

FB: How many people are involved in the organization of this World Cup?
AJ: ,,More or less 50 volunteer people.''

FB: Will you play yourself as the organizer who's very busy during the tournament?
AJ: ,,Yes, I will.''

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