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Aramith Balls and ClassOne Cloth, official equipments Kozoom events

Posted by on January 13, 2020

Aramith Balls and ClassOne Cloth, official equipments Kozoom events

The products Aramith Balls and ClassOne Cloth

Kozoom International, promoter of the Survival Masters Series and the Continental Cup, has organized a competition between cloth and balls manufacturers last December to become the official equipment provider for the next three years, from 2020 to 2022. 

Xavier Carrer, founder of Kozoom, organized the bidding procedure: ''First we selected the best manufacturers. Of course, our top priority was to involve the best equipments to grant the best conditions of play to the players. It means high quality Phenolic balls and woolen cloth to compete with Simonis 300 performances. Setting up sliding synthetic cloth on brand new tables would destroy performances. Any top player can confirm it. For the balls, Saluc and Dynaspheres were competing. For the cloth, Simonis, ClassOne and Andy took part in the bidding.''

Closed envelops have been open simultaneously during the World Cup in Sharm el Sheikh. Saluc won the bidding. The Pro-Cup Prestige set will be still the official balls of the pro events. ClassOne, a new manufacturer based in Korea, won the cloth's bidding. This new cloth will be set up for the first time in a major international event in April during the next Survival Masters in Korea.

''I think it was important to organize a fair competition between these companies. Because Kozoom International holders are involved in billiards equipment business and I could not stand being accused of conflict of interest. We organize these competitions to promote the sport, not to promote our distribution business. The past years, when new competitors entered the billiards Industry, we heard many allegations about the monopoly of Simonis and Aramith orchestrated by UMB. It's not true. The Billiards community knows the market is moving. New competitors are coming up. UMB such as national and continental federations will deal with these new actors too. If they are making good products and support well the sport, they will have their chance. That's what happened with ClassOne cloth'', Xavier Carrer explained.

Mr Daniel Kim, CEO of ClassOne Inc.: ''We are glad to become the official Carom Cloth of the Survival Masters Series and Continental Cup next 3 years. We hope to contribute to the future billiard development with Kozoom Intl. We hope the sponsorship of these new competitions will contribute to make billiards more fun and inspiring.''

Mr Bernard Bollette, commercial director of Saluc: ''We are delighted to have Saluc on board and to have Aramith as the exclusive ball materials of Survival Masters and Continental Cup for the next 3 years. Overall performances of world's top players did not stop improving since three decades and we are planning to keep it going on for the coming one.''

William Oh, co-owner of Kozoom Intl. with Daniel Kim, CEO of ClassOne, during the Continental Cup in Seoul.


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My Comments

I doubt the objectivity in that...
"Setting up sliding synthetic cloth on brand new tables would destroy performances. Any top player can confirm it."
I am not a top player of course and I will not name any brands for all known reasons.
But not all synthetic clothes are sliding on new billiards.

Message 1/5 - Publish at January 13, 2020 8:34 PM

Sliding ?
Every player knows ball(s) slides on any new cloth including any woolen cloth.
When we watch or play on the first day of any events with any new cloth on any tables, ball(s) slides.

Of course, any decisions of Kozoom or UMB must be fair. There should be some reason.
No doubt !!!

Publish at January 16, 2020 4:43 PM

the Texas Carom Club
the Texas Carom Club
expensive opinions

Message 2/5 - Publish at January 15, 2020 3:57 PM

Royal Pro not even considered?
To be clear, was Royal Pro even considered or offered a chance to bid?

Message 3/5 - Publish at January 15, 2020 11:16 PM

the Texas Carom Club
the Texas Carom Club
prolly not
the wool barons and oligarch`s will probably hold on to their monopoly for some time still :)

Publish at January 16, 2020 10:34 PM

Fair competition?
For the balls, Diamond by Cosmos(?) and Cyclop (?) were not invited to the bidding. Correct?
If correct, why?
Diamond balls are getting more popular in Korea, I heard.

Never seen,never heard Class One in Korea yet. Where is the cloth produced? In Korea? By whom?
Is Kozoom exclusive dealer of Class One cloth in Korea?

Anyway, those events are Invitation events for limited players (same always).
Official equipments ?

Too bad for Simonis after sponsoring UMB so many years.

Message 4/5 - Publish at January 16, 2020 4:34 PM

UMB sanctions for int'l events
I just read a long letter by Pavlos Zachariadis ( I assume, from Royal Pro) on Face Book today.
Several weeks ago, I also read more than 100 players in CPB were SUSPENDED because of the OFFICIAL equipment issue.

I heard Simonis is offcial cloth for many years and now. Also,Simonis sponsors KBF now.

If the same rules of UMB and involved federations are applied, Kozoom Survival Masters and Continental Cup can not be sanctioned (UMB offcial cloth not used), consequently not on UMB calendar.

What will happen to the participating players? Same as CPB case and Greece event case?

Anything can be done under such divine autocracy.

BTW, I could not help laughing when Kozoom advertising their cues on MBC Sports TV while 4 Longoni boys were on the podium somewhere in Egypt last December.
Seems Kozoom might add the cloth to their sales product line. We will see soon.

Message 5/5 - Publish at January 29, 2020 4:25 PM

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