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Aristizabal (Casquillo) returns as a winner

Posted by on August 31, 2021

 Aristizabal (Casquillo) returns as a winner

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The winner Heriberto Aristizabal

PEREIRA - The popular Colombian billiard player Heriberto Aristizabal, nicknamed 'Casquillo' in his home country and in Mexico, turned out to be the winner of the Open tournament in the city of Pereira. The number one-ranked player, who is one of the fastest and most efficient players in his country, struck out flawlessly in the final with a 4-0 win in sets against Huberney Cataño with scores of 10-2, 10-6, 10-9, 10-6 (2,566/1,533).

The Colombian billiard players met in a tournament with 152 participants who played in a set system to 10 points. The Club 'la Academia' signed up for the organization of the Fiestas de la Cosecha, where the final prize was USD 1,550, won by Aristizabal.

Before the pandemic, Aristizabal was runner-up at the Manizales Open, losing the final 3-1 to Jose Melo. In this year of Corona, 2021, Aristizabal toured several Mexican states during the time of the lockdown to challenge the best players of Central America.

The other final spot went more or less surprisingly to Cataño, who has overcome a major slump. In Medellin, Cataño withdrew from the competition before the second round and in the Colombian Championship in the city of Cali, he was unable to defend his title. The bad performance already got him into trouble in the round of 32.

This Sunday, he took revenge. The Ecuadorian Javier Teran was strong, but Cataño took advantage of the mistakes and won 5-10, 10-8, 10-5 and 10-4.

What promised to be a blood-curdling final, turned into a one-man demonstration. Aritizabal dominated Cataño from start to finish in record time. In the fourth set, Cataño lost the chance to win a set in his favour.

The final score:

1 Heriberto Aristizabal 1,368/$1,550

2 Huberney Cataño 1,295/$800

3 Arley Montoya 1,405/$400

4 Javier Terán 1,349/$400

5 Cesar Garzon 1,164/$200

6 Jaime Montoya 1,043/$200

7 Edwin Perez 1,243/$200

8 Osvaldo Becerra 0.916/$200


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