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Asian invasion at start of World Cup in Ho Chi Minh

Posted by on May 23, 2022

 Asian invasion at start of World Cup in Ho Chi Minh

© Ton Smilde
Vietnamese star player Quyet Chien Tran who won the World Cup in Ho Chi Minh 2018

HO CHI MINH CITY - The third World Cup of six in total this year got underway early Monday morning in the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh with an invasion of Asian players in the first preliminaries. Dutchman Dick Jaspers is the most outspoken favorite later this week after his two resounding victories this year in Ankara and Las Vegas. The protected top 14 of the world ranking is further pressured by the small differences in the field of Jaspers' pursuers, who leads the rankings with a wide margin: 596 points, 215 points more than number two Marco Zanetti and 249 more than number three, 37-year-old Vietnamese topper Quyet Chien Tran, who won one World Cup in his career in Ho Chi Minh 2018.

This week (23-29 May), the Nguyen Du Stadium is the stronghold for the Vietnamese fans where the world top players gather in Ho Chi Minh City, the country's largest city, formerly Saigon, with its tropical savannah climate and 9 million inhabitants. In the first days, the World Cup cycle gets to know unknown players like Jaein Jung, Luan Cao Phan Triet, Van Phuoc Hieu Nguyen, who just conjure up averages around 2 on the brand new billiard tables. The young Turkish talent Burak Hashas, who became European champion under 17 last month, is one of the players who will start the show on the opening day.

The world top players will come into action from Friday, first in groups of four players, and already guarantee nice battles like Blomdahl-Sánchez, Tasdemir-Coklu, Merckx-Bury, Sayginer-Sidhom and Zanetti-Duc Anh Chien Nguyen.

The top 14 seeded players:
Dick Jaspers
Marco Zanetti
Quyet Chien Tran
Dani Sánchez
Sameh Sidhom
Haeng Jik Kim
Tayfun Tasdemir
Eddy Merckx
Jérémy Bury
Murat Naci Coklu
Martin Horn
Semih Sayginer
Torbjörn Blomdahl
Jung Han Heo.

The wildcards have been handed out by the UMB to Riad Nady (Egypt), Duc Anh Chien Nguyen and Tran Thanh Tu Nguyen.

The European contingent with a small contribution of Colombians, which is already in action on Tuesday with the young Dutchman Sam van Etten and the Spaniard Sergio Jimenez, will mainly show up on Wednesday and Thursday, two days before the main draw with 32. Robinson Morales, Jeffrey Jorissen, Barry van Beers, Takeshima O, Ji Hun Ahn, Ja In Kang and Tom Löwe are the most notable names on the third day of the qualifications.

Thursday is traditionally the day of sub top players who want to earn a place in the main tournament. The most famous names: Myung Woo Cho, Nikos Polychronopoulos, Sung-Won Choi, Choong Bok Lee, Dion Nelin, Roland Forthomme, Lütfi Cenet, Michael Nilsson and Can Capak.

The Koreans have 50 players spread over all days in the tournament, the Vietnamese 28 and the Japanese 22. The Turkish delegation is the strongest represented of the Europeans in Ho Chi Minh with 18 players, the Germans with 8, the Dutch with 7, the Belgians with 5.

The matches can be followed live on the Five&Six channel on YouTube from the first day of play.

Dick Jaspers at the last World Cup stage with Sameh Sidhom, Haeng Jik Kim and Jérémy Bury

The city of Ho Chi Minh, the biggest in Vietnam, is hosting the third World Cup in 2022



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My Comments

Dear 3C freinds.
Now it's time for another World Cup.
I went to umb homepage to get some info about the event. But no info for this event in Vietnam.
But I saw the world ranking, booth for men and women, and i start to wonder:
ofcause Frederic Caudron was not to see in the umb ranking, and we all know why, but Pheavy Sroung a female player who is also playing on the PBA tour is still on the umb ranking for women, togethers with 2Japanese playersOrie Hida and Ayako Sakai????
Is it ok for women to participate for PBA, but not for men, or is it just an otter prove that umb is been lead by a bounch of old men whitout any respect for OUR game.
I will not stop seeing the best player on the planet perform because of some old and crumpy fools.
Viva 3C

Message 1/1 - Publish at May 24, 2022 1:01 PM

Hello, Paul
First: You can find all information about the World Cup in Ho Chi Minh City in the menu “Active events” on UMB´s homepage. I did, in less than 30 secs.
Second: Pheavy, Hida and other female players are suspended by UMB – as you can see from the fact, that their entries in the ranking is marked GREY.
Pheavy´s and Hida´s high ranking are direct results of the very FEW female tournaments played, compared to male tournaments – i.e. they are still registered with points from World Ch.ships, and Asian ch.ships
So, UMB pretty much has their act in control.
You were saying, about respect and old men and crumpy fools?
One more note on respect: I think I know who you are referring to, when you mention “the best player on the planet” – which leads me to say, that there are 6-8 players (at least) that you obviously do not respect. Players that your chosen hero with open eyes chose NOT to compete against.

Publish at May 24, 2022 3:53 PM

Dear Pauerback,
You made a really good point.

But ages of some persons are not the real problem.
The real problem is that they simply do not know what, how, when to do the things right.

To make it worse, people like Tlau believes UMB is in control and tries to make innocent carom fans and players believe so.
They can not hide the whole sky with a dozen of old hands.

I hope the next generation will clean up the toxic legacy left by those.
While snooker is becoming bigger cue sport and pool is waking up thanks to Matchroom events, this carom world is running short of time.

Let’s see what PBA will bring to current carom world in the coming years.
Never give up until time will solve such disastrous situation.

Publish at June 14, 2022 3:20 PM

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