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Belgians, Dutch and Turks with two teams in final rounds

Posted by on April 30, 2015

Belgians, Dutch and Turks with two teams in final rounds

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The two Germans Horn and Rudolh show their joy after the win against Spain.

BRANDENBURG - In the qualification stages of the 3-cushion for national teams, both Belgian twosomes have presented themselves as title contenders. Both the A-team with the nrs. 1 and 2 of the Belgian championship (Eddy Leppens and Eddy Merckx) and the B-team with Frédéric Caudron and Roland Forthomme) have cruised through their flight. The Dutch and the Turks are also with two teams in the final rounds.

The two Belgian teams face each other tomorrow (14.00) in the quarters.

The draw:

Netherlands A-Turkey B

France B-Germany A

Turkey A-Netherlands B

Belgium A-Belgium B.

Frédéric Caudron added to the hardships of Dani Sánchez on this Europeans: the Spaniard lost in the first round of the individual tournament, this morning in his first match against Martin Bohac (30-25 in 30) and in the evening round against Frédéric Caudron: 30-20 in 15.
Ruben Legazpi averaged a lofty 3.333 against the Czeck Republic (30 in 9), but to no avail, the Spanish A-team had already been eliminated when he lost 30-28 in 19 against Roland Forthomme.

Eddy Merckx put the A-team safe when he walked all over Greek Dionisis Tsokantas (30-12 in 14), allowing Leppens to lose to Greek federation president Nikos Tremoulis (30-22 in 27 innings). Turks Tayfun Tasdemir and Adnan Yüksel remained unbeaten and overcame Ramon Hamm and Brice Briere (Luxemburg) in the last group match, in 18 and 22 innings.

The Turkish B-team made the last eight when it beat Denmark: Lütfi Cenet-Tonny Carlsen ended 30-26 in 22, Tolgahan Kiraz-Brian Zola Hansen 30-12 in 23.
There was quite some attention for the flight with Spain B, Sweden and Germany A. The Spaniards first beat Sweden 2-0, and in the second match the Swedes fought for their last chance when they beat Germany (Horn and Rudolph).

Spain B could afford a draw against Germany A. Javier Palazón, who had beaten Blomdahl, said before the last match: ,,We even have an average advantage over our two competitors.''

Martin Horn increased the pressure from the start with a 14-run from the break. And Rudolph had a furious start as well against Jimenez with 16-5 in 8. Horn could finish it off quickly (30-13 in 10), then Rudolph had could take the fate into his own hands.

He needed to beat Jimenez in less than 27 innings and at least 30-29 was enough to advance. When Rudolph finished, his Spanish opponent scored ten from the equalizer to 30-24 in 17.

The Netherlands are like Belgium and Turkey in the last eight with two teams. The A-team defeated Germany B: Jaspers won in 18 innings, Burgman in 19 vs Lindemann and Jäschke.

Netherlands B surprised more or less with a victory against France. Barry van Beers defeated Jérémy Bury in the final rush with 30-28 in 17. Martien van der Spoel, who played excellent, remained undefeated by beating Jérôme Barbeillon, 30-16 in 17.

The French B team with a strong Cédric Melnytschenko is in the final round on average after two draws in the group.

The Italian team won the 5-pins European title, by beating Germany 2.
The Germans had a promising start, but were beaten in the 'relay': 200 - 199. The Italians had beaten Switzerland in the semifinal, 4-1, the Germans beat France 3-2.

Three Belgians, the strong Turk Omar Karakurt, a Dutchman, two Czecks and one German have made the quarterfinals of the European championship 3-cushion on the small table. Two Belgians will meet: Steven van Acker will play Dave Scheurweghs. Kenny Miatton, who beat Peter De Backer in the first round and played the best match of the tournament so far (forty in 10) will face one of the Czecks, Stepan Kohout.

These eight players are already certain to win at least 500 euro. The first prize is 3000 euro. Star player of the eighth finals was Omar Karakurt, who beat Mathy Monnissen 40-13 in 11 innings.

The last eight schedule for tomorrow (Friday, 09.00) : Berry Dallinga-Dirk Harwardt Kenny Miatton-Stepan Kohout Omar Karakurt- Radovan Hajek Dave Scheurweghs-Steven van Acker.

French Magalie Declunder made an entrance when she played her first match in the free game for women, making the required 120 points in just three innings with a run of 104. She also won her second match.

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