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Best start for Tasdemir in Challenge: 40 in 10

Posted by on November 9, 2020

Best start for Tasdemir in Challenge: 40 in 10

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Tayfun Tasdemir during today's match with the scores and commentators at the back

Tayfun Tasdemir is on top of the UMB OneCarom Challenge after the first day followed by Eddy Merckx in second position. The Turkish player's leading score is still minimal, but with 40 points out of ten innings starting from the break (4,000 average), Tasdemir was the most consistent player in the field of eight. The not to be underestimated Korean Jung-Han Heo had a remarkable poor start with four zero's (four missed break shots), but still has two days of preliminary laps to show his revenge for the mistake.

The other Turkish player, Murat Naci Coklu, launched himself by a great 9, made another 7 inning, but couldn't shine in the other part of the game with 30 points. Tasdemir didn't miss one break shot and reached his finale score thanks to two runs of eight and one of six.

Roland Forthomme is the number three on the day rankings with 31. Martin Horn, the number five, had a good start, but lost his concentration in the second part due to problems with the internet. Antonio Montes and Jung-Han Heo scored 13 and 12 points out of 10 innings, they only can do better.

The scores:
1 Tayfun Tasdemir (40) 3-8-1-3-4-2-6-8-4-1
2 Eddy Merckx (34) 3-1-2-1-3-2-2-7-3-8
3 Roland Forthomme (31) 4-4-3-7-4-0-2-1-3-3
4 Murat Naci Coklu (30) 9-2-2-0-1-2-7-1-2
5 Martin Horn (28) 7-0-2-6-3-1-4-2-1-2
6 Jun Tae Kim (24) 6-2-1-3-1-0-1-3-6-1
7 Antonio Montes (13) 1-2-1-2-1-4-1-0-0-1
8 Jung-Han Heo (12) 0-0-0-0-1-3-0-1-2-5.



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I posted a question to Kozoom Korea website (to whom I had paid 2 years Premium Pass assuming Kozoom Korea, International and France are one-body and co-responsible for customer service, especially payment matters) months ago, but as usual, nobody in Kozoom and UMB cares and respond at all.

I ask again, after I saw an news article that Kozoom International changed its name to 5&6 something, and the new named company will remain as UMB media partner.
Does it mean 5&6 Company will broadcast UMB events when there will be UMB events someday?

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When I heard Kozoom Korea changed its name to 5&6, I did not care as I had paid to Kozoom not knowing the Kozoom Internationl or Kozoom France at that time.
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Qs to Kozoom (5&6?) and UMB-continue2
And, when some company (5&6 Intl or 5$6 Korea or Kozoom France or new media partner of UMB) broadcast UMB events in future, will it be by internet as it used to be ?

Or by You-tube like this Virtual one carom?
If by You-tube transmission, do I still have to pay for Kozoom Premium Membership renewal?
If so, why do I have to pay?

If anybody in Kozoom can not or do not answer to my question (many other members should have same questions), I think UMB should make official statement about the situation.
I am sure UMB is not too busy these days to answer it.

I agree Kozoom made a lot of contribution to carom fans but this is something to be clearly explained to customers who paid for the service.

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