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Carom Billiard - 3-Cushion - German National Championship - Bad Wildungen (GER)

Billiard marathon launched in Bad Wildungen

Posted by on November 3, 2019

Billiard marathon launched in Bad Wildungen

The location for the German championships all disciplines in Bad Wildungen

BAD WILDUNGEN - At the wonderful location of the Wandelhalle in Bad Wildungen, the battle for the German championship in all disciplines has been launched this weekend. The best German billiard players compete for the titles in carom, snooker and pool billiards until Sunday 10 November: a total of more than 300 billiard players in 36 disciplines. The format and logistical challenge is admired every year, far beyond the borders of Germany. The marathon of matches is being held for the 15th time in Bad Wildungen.

In three cushion is played at the match table and the small table. In the classic disciplines, the titles are at stake in free game, two balk line types and one cushion. The German federation, DBU, has decided to focus even more on three-cushion from next year. The field of participants for the coming year will be expanded to 32 and the battle for the Team Cup will also be played from the quarter finals in Bad Wildungen. The organization of the classic disciplines is likely to be transferred to other locations.

For the first time, the championship in three cushion is played this year in the first weekend. The start was on Saturday, the final on Monday (November 4). That allows Martin Horn, who is heading for South Korea this week to play the World Cup, to start in the field for the championship. The tournament is also gaining importance, as it is a qualification for the European championship in April 2020 in France. Already in February the European championships for national teams take place in Turkey.

Martin Horn, the number 12 on the world ranking, missed the title last year due to a defeat in the semi-finals. He wants to do better this year and achieve the important 30 points for the world ranking. The opposition is very strong with many contenders for the medals.

Sven Daske is the big favorite in the classical disciplines. This year again, the Hamburg playerer comes into action in all disciplines. In the balk line games, the main contenders are Sven Daske and Thomas Nockemann. Both are the most successful participants in the championship and are among the best classic players internationally. For the ladies, the championship is held on the match and small billiards. Steffi Daske is the favorite in both tournaments. The German lady was fifth at the last World championship in Spain.

On the first day of three cushion, Martin Horn was surprisingly beaten by Norbert Roestel, 30-28 in 30. In the same group, Dustin Jäschke was the better of Uwe van den Berg 30-21 in 23. Ronny Lindemann started with a win over Jens Probhardt 30-25 in 27, Lukas Stamm was the best starter beating Lars Günter 30-9 in 20.

The carom disciplines:

Three cushion men 2-4 november

Cengiz KARACA (International Berlin) Martin HORN (International Berlin) Ronny LINDEMANN (BCC Witten) Andreas NIEHAUS (BG Coesfeld) Lukas STAMM (BC Stuttgart)
Tay-Dien TRUONG (BC Regensburg)
Norbert ROESTEL (International Berlin)
Thomas AHRENS (SCB Langendamm) Joachim BACK (ATSV Erlangen
Uwe VAN DEN BERG (BF Horster Eck) Jens PROBHARDT (Berg.-Gladbacher BCLars GÜNTER (Gelnhäuser BCSimon BLONDEEL (BCC Witten)
Tom LÖWE (Bottroper BA
Dustin JÄSCHKE (BC Stuttgart
Tobias BOUERDICK (Bottroper BA)

Three cushion women 5-8 november

Steffi DASKE (BC Bergedorf)
Katja TITZE (BSC Merzenich)
Sara KROKE (GT Buer)
Tanja MÜLLER (Bfr.St.Anual)
Christine SCHUH (Berg-Gladbacher BC) Angelika BECKER (BC Oberursel)
Stephanie LENZ (BC Fuhlenbrock)
Helga PROBST (BC Kempten)

Free game 5-7 november

Sven DASKE (SCB Langendamm)
Arnd RIEDEL (BG Hamburg)
Thomas BERGER (BC Nied)
Manuel ORTTMANN (1.Erfurter BC)
Christian PÖTHER (ABC Merklinde)

Balk line, 47/2, 7-8 november

Sven DASKE (SCB Langendamm)
Thomas NOCKEMANN (DBC Bochum)
Dieter STEINBERGER (BC Kempten)
Thomas BERGER (BC Nied)
Manuel ORTTMANN (1.Erfurter BC)
Christian PÖTHER (ABC Merklinde)

Balkline 71/2, 8 november

Thomas NOCKEMANN (DBC Bochum)
Sven DASKE (SCB Langendamm)
Manuel Orttmann (1.Erfurter BC)
Dieter STEINBERGER (BC Kempten)

One cushion, 9-10 november

Sven DASKE (SCB Langendamm)
Thomas WILDFÖRSTER (BC Hilden)
Dieter STEINBERGER (BC Kempten)
Manuel ORTTMANN (1.Erfurter BC)
Carsten LÄSSIG (BG Coesfeld)
Arnd RIEDEL (BC Wedel)

Artistic, 9-10 november

Marvin HEINRICH (BSC RW Salzgitter)
Bernd SINGER (TSV Ingolstadt)
Dennis LENDECKEL (BSC RW Salzgitter)
Sven GÖPPINGER (SCB Langendamm)
Heinz-Walter KOHLMEIER (Mannheimer BF)
Thomas AHRENS (BSG Hannover)
Franz HEIGL (TSV Ingolstadt)
Gerd SCHWARTZ (BF Merkstein)

Martin Horn makes a shot at the title before heading to the World Cup in Korea

Steffi Daske, main contender in ladies three cushion




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