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Carl Verhoeven (58), a businessman in wonderland

Posted by on October 13, 2020

Carl Verhoeven (58), a businessman in wonderland

© Ton Smilde
Carl Verhoeven (58), a billiard pionier in wonderland. ''We want to show the world a new future in billiards.''

UDEN - The bashing sound of the beat, the fantastic images of Dick Jaspers, Eddy Merckx and other world stars of billiards on the video wall in the arena, flashes of light, clashing billiard balls and a stylish setting in the venue. The early Saturday afternoon, outside, in the center of the Brabant town, people are rushing through the drizzly rain. The entrance in the new, ultra-modern billiard centre of SIS Cleaning, which is preparing for the real opening in the coming weeks, feels comfortable. The team boss and club owner, Carl Verhoeven, plays host himself: welcome to this magic world of a billiards stronghold.

The first of two competition days in the Dutch premier league, the DKM Tool league. On Saturday, Dick Jaspers leads the team in a home match facing Team Eekhoorn, on Sunday the away game with Eddy Merckx as the leading player at Dallinga in Sluiskil. The title favourite is still on the maximum score after match days 5 and 6. Carl Verhoeven, in a good mood, radiant and proud, introduces the double weekend himself.

We are facing the wall of honour at the entrance of the center is an ode to the great and famous champions: in order of appearance, life-size effigies Raymond Ceulemans, Torbjörn Blomdahl, Dick Jaspers, Dani Sánchez and Therese Klompenhouwer, showing a long history of world titles. Four billiard tables in the front area, ready for the regular, daily billiard players, a bar on the right and the entrance to the competition arena.

Two match tables of the latest Eureka model, spacious seating areas for the players and referees, fashionable, adjustable lighting above the billiards, seating for some fifty spectators around the arena, the video wall at the backside of the arena, screens and cameras throughout the centre for tv images, match images (even down from corners in the billiards), replays, the total overview of the competition results in the premier league, standings, sponsor logos, all operated from the control room at the edge of the playing field. On the other side, the pictures of the SIS Schoonmaak team players: Dick Jaspers, Eddy Merckx, Raimond Burgman, Jean van Erp, Raymund Swertz and Martien van der Spoel.

Carl Verhoeven (58, born in Veghel, living in Heeswijk-Dinther, married to Astrid, father of sons Robin, Marlon and daughter Samantha) is in his daily life director of his company SIS Schoonmaak, which was founded in 1995 and specialized in cleaning, clean-up and repair after calamities like fires and other major damage. His plan for now: ''I will continue my work in the company during the day, but I try to work fewer hours. That allows me to be in the billiard centre in the evening. My family is gradually taking over the company with its 21 employees.''

The SIS Billiards Experience Center is his new world, a dream that he realized in a short time. ''I know that I went very fast with my plans, trying to be innovative, ambitious. I want to show people the completely other world in our sport. Billiards in a new area, a modern dimension. We are all supporting this plans. I am proud of what we've done so far. My son-in-law, Danny Vervoort, has made an enormous architectural job to realize this project. And Gerard ten Lohuis, known from Kozoom, was very important with his knowledge of camera, image and video technology.''

''I hope it will catch on in the billiards world, nationally and internationally. This was my dream, my inspiration, my ambition. We want to make billiards bigger, show it to the world.

Two world stars and a wonderful team have to realize the ambitions in a sporty way. The SIS team is on top of the ranking after 6 days in the league. ''The centre, now about 300 square meters, is supposed to be expanded a little further to allow more spectators to enter. And it is my plan to do more development, training young players, organize big events and give players opportunities to play big tournaments.''

"The first step has been taken with this billiard hall and the team that we brought in here. The plan is that we will open daily, now from 18.00 to 22.00 for the time being, later we will bring it to 12 hours a day. We now have around 100 people who want to to play billiards here, but that will grow further. This town, Uden, with 40, 45.000 inhabitants, has a sports culture. Many billiard players live here and in the area. With five, six billiard clubs, two of which are already in this centre. We not only want to bring tournaments and matches here, but also organize many events, like clinics and inviting potential sponsors. This is just the first step, I have so many big plans in my mind.''

The team at the presentation with players, referees and the Verhoeven family

Carl Verhoeven in the wall of fame in front of Dick Jaspers' picture

The team for this Saturday's league match (Martien van der Spoel is missing)

Dick Jaspers playing the UMB Virtual Challenge these days in the SIS centre.


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Good luck Carl!
Do what you love!

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