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Caudron team on top in PBA team league

Posted by on January 13, 2021

Caudron team on top in PBA team league

Frédéric Caudron's team is the best ranked with only one session to lay

SEOUL - The fifth and penultimate tournament of the PBA Team League ended after 5 days and 5 matches for each team with a lead for the Phoenix team with Frédéric Caudron, Birol Uymaz and Hyun-min Seo. In Seoul, where the matches are played, were very wintery conditions these days: 14 degrees down zero and 15 centimeters of snow. The Phoenix team leads with 41 points, main rival Heroes (Filippos Kasidokostas, Byeong-ho Kim and Mi-rae Lee), follows four points down. The Winners team (Eddy Leppens) is third.

After the last meeting between the six teams, the three teams on top will play the play-offs for the first championship in the Korean Team League. The Phoenix team won the head-to-head game against Heroes 4-1. Phoenix averaged 1,455 in the top match, Heroes had an off-day with 0,833 on average.

Frédéric Caudron and Hyun-min Seo set the tone for the doubles win against Filippos Kasidokostas and Byeong-ho Kim, 15-3 in 6/5, then Yu-ram Cha defeated Mi-rae Lee 11-7 in the women's match in 12. In the men's single, Caudron was a way too strong for Kasidokostas 15-2 in 4, leading Phoenix already to 3-0. In mixed doubles, Heroes came back to 3-1, but the brilliantly playing Hyun-min Seo, winner of the last individual PBA tournament, showed his class against Robinson Morales.

In the last match of the session, Winners secured third place by a 4-2 victory over Alphas. As a result, Winners is third, Alphas fourth. In the individual ranking (based on the total number of wins), Mi-rae Lee (Heroes) leads with 31 wins and 19 losses (62 percent). Hyun-min Seo (Phoenix) is second and best in the men with 27 wins and 10 losses (73%), the second lady, Ga-young Kim, (Alphas) ​​is third with 26 wins (52%).

Ga-young Kim's victory in the women's match against Mi-rae Lee was striking: 11-0 in 4/3 innings. Ga-young Kim also won a match over 11 points in 2 innings against Gap-sun Kim. Juan David Zapata and Frédéric Caudron are in joint fourth place in the standings with 23 wins. Eddy Leppens is sixth with 20 victories.

The results of this fifth tournament: Day 1: Phoenix-Laon 4-0, Alphas-Heroes 3-3, Winners-Angels 4-1. Day 2: Winners-Heroes 2-4, Alphas-Laon 3-3, Phoenix-Angels 2-4 Day 3: Laon-Winners 2-4, Heroes-Angels 2-4, Phoenix-Alphas 4-1 Day 4: Alphas-Angels 3-3, Phoenix-Winners 3-3, Laon-Heroes 3-3 Day 5: Phoenix-Heroes 4-1, Angels-Laon 2-4, Winners-Alphas 4-2.

Ranking after fifth day: 1 Phoenix 10, 2 Winners 10, 3 Angels 7, 4 Heroes 5, 5 Laon 5, 6 Alphas 3.

The total ranking with only 1 tournament to play:
1 Phoenix 41 points (1,299)
2 Heroes 37 (l,249)
3 Winners 36
4 Alphas 31
5 Laon 28 6
Angels 27.
The sixth session is from February 1 to 5. The next individual PBA tournament is January 19-23.

Korean lady player Mi-rae Lee is the best in the entire field in the number of wins


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My Comments

The ‘PBA (World) CHAMPIONSHIP’ has won reputation and high praise from all over the World
Welcome to the Show: following the PROFESSIONAL TEAM LEAGUE, Round 5, we will have the PROFESSIONAL (World) TOUR, 4th Round (PBA, Men and Ladies) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (PS: PBA 4th Round “CrownHaitai PBA-LPBA Championship 2021 will be held on 19-23 January", as per PBA note)

“Even in the dark days we live in, with restraints all over the world walk”, as I said before, PBA was able to go forward and, as the Honorable Young-Soo KIM, PBA President, has emphasized (New Year’s Message),

“(…) in such difficult times, PBA has made a great achievement that surprised everyone: the launching of PBA Team League proved that billiards can also be played as a Team Sport and fixed the stereotype that billiards can only be played in a quite circumstance. (…) Also, the start of the Division 3 TOUR has been highly praised by many sport experts that PBA has implemented a perfect promotion and relegation system (and) last year, PBA signed an agreement, for mutual development, with worldly famous Professional Snooker Association, WPBSA (and) although COVID-19 made it difficult for us to start our business, the fact that WPBSA recognizes PBA, as its partner, proves that PBA has strengthened its stature.”

Indeed a remarkable achievement, Honorable Young-Soo KIM: PBA not only "has strengthened its stature”, PBA has won reputation and high praise from all over the World and I'm sure that PBA, like the Snooker Association, will have the World Championship to close the Events Cycle, “The Finale”, with a last stage to the best of 15, 17 or 19 sets of 15.

Congratulations and Happy New Year.

Jordi Fontdevila

Message 1/2 - Publish at January 13, 2021 11:41 AM - Edited at January 13, 2021 6:23 PM

jean jarjoura
jean jarjoura
For a global "3band" billiards

jean jarjoura

For a global "3band" billiards

Priorities for growth and development.

"9ball" pool, "10ball" pool and snooker never stop growing and expanding in the world while 98% of the people behind "3band" billiards are incapable.
For the time being and until further future here are my regulations to really develop "3band":
1. Only very good players capable of high scoring are allowed to participate in competitions.
2. Individual matches.
3. Double elimination playing system.
4. Shot time: 25 or 30 seconds
5. Matches to 40, 45 or 50 points.
For the moment no place for the useless and crippling format and accessories: team league, survival tournament with 4 players on one table, continental cup with 16 players on one table, 2 points for a successful rail first shot, trick shots show, pom-pom girls and others.
The magical mixture of skill, lack of control, and good or bad luck makes our game an unparalleled sport of excitement, thrill, drama and surprises. Its main characteristic is the score evolution and variations in every match between two good players capable to score points.
You can read my complete concepts through eleven short descriptions titled: pool, snooker and "3band" billiards. Conclusion. on my YouTube channel: Jean Jarjoura and on my Facebook page: Jean Jarjoura- 3band


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