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Christian Rudolph (55) on his way back from Corona virus

Posted by on March 23, 2020

Christian Rudolph (55) on his way back from Corona virus

© Christian's selfy
Christian Rudolph, infected by Corona virus and still staying in quarantine.

BOTROP - His voice still sounds weak and fragile in the apartment where he has to stay at home. Christian Rudolph, infected by Corona virus ten days ago, is still far from top fit, but has gradually been relieved of the worst symptoms. The 55-year-old German billiard player, world champion three cushion in a distant past (1996), still feels the after effects of the disease. He is quarantined in his apartment, 25 kilometres from Bottrop, where he lives with his girlfriend. The diagnosis of the dreaded virus infection, last week after the Corona tests, was hard and inexorable. "I was coughing for some days and felt sick and weak," the German player starts his story.

Christian Rudolph, a player with a wonderful palmares, also the national coach of three-cushion team since one year, feels better again for the last days. Before, very little movements in daily life have cost him big efforts. Christian Rudolph left the worst time behind now, he says, after lying in bed for four, five days. But at the same time, he is very concerned whether he has unconsciously infected others. "I want to make an urgent appeal to anyone who takes the virus too lightly," he says, still at home in his apartment.

He now finally feels a little better, can move more freely, but remains in quarantine. ''We have to stay at home, but we will surely pass the days. We live in a beautiful area with a great view. So, it's not a big problem to be here. I watch a lot of television, and no..., I don't have my own billiard table." Where and how he got infected, the German cannot say for sure. He assumes that he contracted the Covid-19 virus on a three-cushion competition day. ''A player I was with that day, suffered a tough cold. Good chance that it happened there.''

Christian goes back in his mind to the days of the symptoms: ten days ago, on a Friday, the first, mild symptoms appeared. "Just a little cough, at first, I didn't even pay attention after coming home from an hour of running outside and thought that it might be the reason for a cold. But then I got worse, felt very weak at night and had no power at all. Still I didn't believe I could have been infected, because I had been that careful all the way. I avoided shaking hands since weeks. I often didn't even touch the doorknobs and very regularly washed my hands.''

In the weekend after that Friday, symptoms worsened. From Saturday, Christian had a fever and pain in his eyes, head, arms and legs. ''The worst of all was the muscle pain and constantly short of breath. I couldn't even drink a glass of water without taking a few breaths." On Monday, after that weekend, Rudolph called his doctor, "I described the symptoms and said I had been feeling sick and weak for two days. And also that I was concerned. I work in elderly care and have contact with people aged 80 and older. I insisted on getting tested.''

Directly after his first visit, Rudolph had to return for a Corona tests in the garage of the docter. The result was announced two days later. ''My doctor told me, but I was not very surprised by the test result. I felt sure already. On the other hand, my concerns grew that I might have infected others." That day, he was further informed. ''And they asked me about my home situation, if others in my surroundings showed symptoms." The health care offered specific help, such as necessary shopping. Christian: ''I live in an apartment in Hünxe with my girlfriend Iris, who is now also in quarantine. And until April 5, I have to stay there. We will see what happens. When I have no more symptoms, I must report it to my doctor.''

''I would like to say once again to all of us that we should not take the virus too lightly'', Christian Rudolph wants to end his story. ''I didn't have the feeling that it could be life-threatening for me, but the situation is very serious. We luckily have the advantage in our country that we should learn from other countries. When we look at Italy, we see the numbers of victims and how bad the situation is. We absolutely must live by the measures. Please, stay at home, that's the only way we can protect ourselves and all our dear ones.''

Christian Rudolph in better days: with his international palmares

German top player and federal coach for some years


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It's good that you've been careful.

I easily believe that Corona can be mistaken for colds, pneumonia or something similar and then maybe many people do nothing for a long time.

Wish you a good and quick recovery.

Message 1/1 - Publish at March 29, 2020 4:22 PM

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