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Cristian Montoya (19): we must have goals and dreams

Posted by on February 17, 2021

Cristian Montoya (19): we must have goals and dreams

© Paul Brekelmans
Cristian Montoya from Colombia was in the top 4 at the Junior World Championship 2019 in Valencia

The young European talents in three cushion and players from other parts of the world have been held back in their development by this year of COVID-19 crisis. The last World Junior Championship in Valencia 2019 ended with super-talent Myung-Woo Cho in his last year as the winner and three Koreans on stage. The next World Championship event in the Netherlands was postponed and almost certainly not played.

Was it a year of standstil land stagnation, of desperately waiting for the new start? How do young players deal with the crisis in this important part of their career? Kozoom went in search and starts a series of interviews from now with young billiard players: about the crisis, the future of their careers, the current conditions in their home countries and life without championships, tournaments and competitions. Today part 3: Cristian Montoya (19).

Name: Cristian Camilo Montoya Velez
Age: 19
Place of residence: Cali Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Hobby: family and friends
Relationship: single
Billiard club: Master Club Billares Cali

1. Kozoom/Frits Bakker: How do you deal with this year in which the COVID crisis dominates all the world?
Cristian Montoya: These are very difficult times for everyone in my country and in the world. My position is to take care of myself and my family, to prevent contagion, but as a sports man, I must go to the club every day.

2. Is this a time of stagnation in your young career, in which fast development and progression are so important and international tournaments are cancelled?
Cristian Montoya: I think that success in this sport is based on perseverance, talent and courage.

3. How is the current situation in your home town and your country in relation to COVID-19?
Cristian Montoya: My country, Colombia, is in an uncertain situation, because we see more and more infections every day. My hometown at the moment is under control. We are not confined, so I can go to my club to practice.

4. How are the conditions for training for you? How much can you practice every day or week?
Cristian Montoya: My day to day schedule starts in the morning with my teacher Fernando Diaz. And in the afternoons, I tray to play games with very good players in order to maintain my level and try to improve.

5. How does life look for you without championships, tournaments and competitions in the outside world?
Cristian Montoya: Well, at the moment there is no event schedule, however, I prepare very hard to compete at a high level.

6. What is your country or federation doing to develop careers of young talents?
Cristian Montoya: My country has a large number of young talents, in my opinion. I think there should be more support for these young people. We have all the conditions, but we need them to believe in us, we lack 'the sweet touch'.

7 How do you see your future as a sportsman and possibly as a professional billiard player?
Cristian Montoya: For now, we have to wait for the pandemic to end, when the competitions return. Now I am preparing. I participate when I can in unofficial competitions, all athletes have goals and dreams to fulfil, that is my objective.

Cristian Montoya (19) one of many talents in Colombian three cushion

Thanks, Vandenver Reina, for translating


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