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Dallinga in driving seat, TOVV in troubles

Posted by on May 11, 2013

Dallinga in driving seat, TOVV in troubles

© Kozoom/Harry van Nijlen photo
Richard Bitalis on his way to the win against Spilleman

ZUNDERT – For the team of Dallinga/Frans Bevers, half the job is already done. TOVV/MCR had a bad day in the cross-finals, but the task for their nrs 1 and 2 tomorrow looks doable. Both major contenders for the Cup are ahead 4-0 halfway.

Dallinga was most convincing in their performance against A1. Jean Paul de Bruijn made quick work of it against Martien van der Spoel, starting off with a close set but following up with two strong ones, including a final run of 13 in the third (15-7 in 4).

Glenn Hofman had a hiccup against Addy Wienk, allowing him back into the match after winning the first set 15-6 (9), the second ending 15-6 in 14. The man from the Hague had the better finish, leaving his opponent emptyhanded: 15-4 (10) and 15-4.

Jan Kikken, who made himself heard from time to time from the stands, was pleased. The team manager can sleep on both ears, with Frédéric Caudron and Eddy Leppens as his closing duo tomorrow., having played such a superior last group match, apparently had the yips in the opening sets against Holland Mineraal. Dave Christiani, who should normally outclass Jelle Pijl, was behind 2-0 in sets (15-10 in 11 and 15-10 in 15). Things looked even worse when Bitalis had lost the first set to Stefan Spilleman (15-8 in 15) and was holding on by his fingernails in the second. He escaped with a 15-14 win in 22 innings, no less.

That made it 1-1 on the one table, 0-2 on the other. What was left of TOVV’s superiority, when Christiani was 12-0 down in the 4th set? The team nr. 1, Eddy Merckx, looked at it with serious concern.

The first match to turn around was the Bitalis one, then also Christiani started to find some rhythm. Pijl caved under the pressure, when a match he thought was already in the bag started to get away from him.

The Frenchman won his last two sets 15-11 (15) and 15-8 (16). Christiani made it 2-2 in sets (15-10 and 15-12), saw his opponent pull away again to 10-7, but in the last few innings he was the player with coolest head (15-13).

The results:

Dallinga-A1 Biljarts:

De Bruijn-Van der Spoel 3-0, 15-14, 15-9, 15-7 (1.875/1.363)

Hofman-Wienk 3-1, 15-6, 6-15, 15-4, 15-8 (0.962/0.622).

TOVV-Holland Mineraal:

Christiani-Pijl 3-2, 10-15, 10-15, 15-10, 15-12, 15-11 (1.083/1.067).

Bitalis-Spilleman 3-2, 8-15, 15-14, 15-11, 15-8 (0.779/0.716).

Matches for tomorrow (12.00 uur):

TOVV-Holland Mineraal:

Eddy Merckx-Murat Naci Coklu

Frans van Kuyk-Annpo de Kleine


Dallinga-A1 Biljarts:

Frédéric Caudron-Raimond Burgman

Eddy Leppens-Henk Blauwblomme.

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