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David Martinez only European in last 8 PBA

Posted by on September 20, 2021

David Martinez only European in last 8 PBA

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The unknown Korean plays a clowns role with his white mask: he beat Caudron 3-0

GOYANG - All Europeans except Spaniard David Martinez are out of the first tournament in this season's PBA cycle in Sono Calm/Goyang. PBA champion David Zapata and the third Spaniard Javier Palazon were eliminated in the last 16 round. The Belgians Frédéric Caudron and Eddy Leppens were eliminated in the last 32, Dutchman Glenn Hofman already in the second round with 64 players. The Greek Filippos Kasidokostas cancelled again for personal reasons.

In the women's event, PBA champion Se-yeon Kim faces the unknown Hyun-ji Yong in the final. Favourites Mi-rae Lee and Ga-youn Kim were eliminated. The former UMB world champion Orie Hida lost in the last 32 with a paltry average of 0,400. Sruong Pheavy, winner of the last tournament, had a strong start of her tournament including averages of 2,200 and 1,526. In the round of the last 8 against Se-yeon Kim, she had a total off-day and lost with a 0,381 on average.

The two European women in the preliminaries did not play a role either, both ended up last in their group of four: Amal Najjari was eliminated in the first round with 0,185 on average, Andrea Hofman with 0,375.

The most striking elimination in the men's category was the loss of Frédéric Caudron against a Korean who plays a kind of clown role with his white mask in the PBA under the name Hacker. Caudron was virtually beaten 3-0 by this unknown Korean, who in the set positions 15-9, 15-11 and 15-6 played an average of 1,800 against Caudron 1,130.

Many matches in the men's category were decided by penalty shoot-outs after a 2-2 score in the regular match. Glenn Hofman, who played 1,091 in the match, was a victim of that in the last 64 against Vietnamese Nguyen. Turk Birol Uymaz lost in the round with 128 with penalties to Ho-young Lee. Savas Bulut on his turn won with penalties against Young-seob Kim and famous Korean Jae-ho Cho lost against Ja-bok Ku.

David Martinez has made a strong impression throughout the tournament so far. The only European still in the race started with a win over O-bok Jo with 3-1 and 1,960 on average, then beat Kyeong-jun Choi with 3-1 and 1,690, won in the last 32 against Yeon-sung Lee 3-0 and 2,500 and in the last 16 against Jae-guen Kim 3-1 and 1,556.

Javier Palazon and David Zapata seemed to be on their way to more Spanish success with solid performances, but were eliminated from the tournament in the last 16 with poor averages. Palazon lost to Seong-uk Oh 3-0 with 0,679, Zapata to Seung-yong Kang 3-1 with 0,809.

Most Europeans are travelling home these days, as the next PBA tournament isn't on the calendar until November 16.

David Martinez is the best of three Spaniards still in competition




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My Comments

Ladies World Championship averages
Those numbers 0.3 or 0.4 are frequent records in UMB World Championship ladies usually.
But,still called World Championship.
Some bad records on bad days can be like those to attract the attention of reporter.

And in PBA/LPBA, the professional players do not represent nation or continent they live.
Europeans, Asians ....???

What we need is players from Pan America, Africa, Oceania, China,India join the UMB Tours and PBA Tours. and more players from Europe and Asia.

Message 1/1 - Publish at September 21, 2021 7:40 PM

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