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Double Dutch weekend with the best line-ups

Posted by on October 8, 2021

Double Dutch weekend with the best line-ups

© DKM Tools league
Double weekend in the Dutch three cushion team league

OOSTERHOUT/UDEN - The number one in the ranking starts the weekend this Saturday (9th of october) with a match against the number last. Dick Jaspers and Eddy Merckx, two players from the top three on the world ranking, both will lead the SIS Schoonmaak team in the DKM Tools league on Sunday and the still long stretched subtop and middle part of the premier league are facing very important encounters in the first double weekend in this competition. After this Sunday, the balance can be drawn: Which teams are in the top and bottom positions and will almost certainly battle it out for the title? And which teams have to fight it out to get away from the danger zone?

That will all be a lot clearer after this Sunday, because once again many candidates for the highest ranking positionss will come into the arena against each other, like Saturday A1/DPC against Bousema and Cues&Darts against 't Hartje and on Sunday, the second matchday in this double weekend, is starting in a home game against SIS, Bousema at home in Lochem against 't Hartje and ST Zundert in D'n Hoek against J&F Auto's.

The double weekend brings out the best in the teams, as the player lists indicate: quite a few foreign top guns and other famous players have been enticed to travel to the Netherlands.

To mention some of them:
Nikos Polychronopoulos and Thorsten Frings at Zundert
Michael Nilssen at A1 DPC
Martin Horn and Steffan Galla at Bousema
Ruben Legazpi and Pierre Soumagne at Cues&Darts
Raymond Ceulemans at Dallinga

Where that will lead to, will become clear at the end of the fifth and sixth round on Sunday.

The tension is already palpable in the new home of A1/DPC, that opens its doors twice for home matches against Bousema Lochem (Saturday) and Team Eekhoorn (Sunday) and hopes fervently that after Sunday it will still be in the top three of the league.

Will SIS Schoonmaak keep the maximum score? This Saturday, in principle, that should not be a problem against the last-placed Aartsbouw, but on Sunday, the frontrunner travels with its strongest leaders Jaspers and Merckx to Dallinga, which has slipped a little on the ranking and wants nothing less than to bivouac in the top half again after Sunday.

J&F Auto's and Team Eekhoorn have some catching up to do after a not so good start of the competition, Zundert wants to win an important battle with a reinforced team (Poly, Forthomme, Frings and Forton) in an away match against Dekker and a home match against J&F Auto's. And Cues&Darts also wants to peak this weekend with Legazpi and Soumagne in positions one and two against 't Hartje and DKM Tools.

In short, the double weekend is definitely worth following: you can do that again with the live images and on the scoreboards of

The calendar of the DKM Tools league has undergone some changes. Part of the eleventh round has been moved from 5 December to 24 October. The following matches are scheduled for that day:

ST Zundert-Aartsbouw, DKM Tools-Dallinga, 't Hartje van Oosterhout-A1 DPC and Cues&Darts-Team Eekhoorn. J&F Auto's versus SIS Schoonmaak will be played on Wednesday 3 November, Dekker Keukens-Bousema on Saturday 4 December.

The matches and line-up for the double weekend:

Play round 5, Saturday 9 October (13.00)

J&F Auto's-DKM Tools
Jeffrey Jorissen-Roland Uijtdewillegen
Barry van Beers-Jack Wijnen
Therese Klompenhouwer-Joey de Kok
Herman van Daalen-Eddy Willems

Dekker Keukens-STZ Zundert
Ad Koorevaar-Nikos Polychronopoulos
Gerwin Valentijn-Roland Forthomme
Henk Blauwblomme-Thorsten Frings
Richard Dekker-Sam van Etten

SIS Schoonmaak-Aartsbouw Sprundel
Eddy Merckx-Dirk Weeremans
Jean van Erp-Ronny Brants
Martien van der Spoel-Christian Rudolph
Raymund Swertz-Ludo Kools

Frans van Kuyk-Jean Paul de Bruijn
Peter Ceulemans-Peter De Backer
Kurt Ceulemans-Steven van Acker
Jerry Hermans-Berry Dallinga

A1 DPC-Bousema Lochem
Dave Christiani-Martin Horn
Michael Nilsson-Johan Loncelle
Kay de Zwart-Stefan Galla
Addy Wienk-Anno de Kleine

Cues&Darts-'t Hartje van Oosterhout
Ruben Legazpi-Ismail Yasin
Pierre Soumagne-Martin Spoormans
Wesley de Jaeger-Harrie van de Ven
Huub Wilkowski-Ivan Stitschinsky

Sunday 10 October, 6the play round (13.00):

Dallinga-SIS Schoonmaak
Jean Paul de Bruijn-Dick Jaspers
Peter De Backer-Eddy Merckx
Steven van Acker-Jean van Erp
Raymond Ceulemans-Raymund Swertz

A1 DPC-Team Eekhoorn
Dave Christiani-Frans van Kuyk
Michael Nilsson-Peter Ceulemans
Jelle Pijl-Kurt Ceulemans
Addy Wienk-Jerry Hermans

Bousema Lochem-'t Hartje van Oosterhout
Martin Horn-Ismail Yasin
Johan Loncelle-Martin Spoormans
Stefan Galla-Harrie van de Ven
Frans van Schaik-Frank Martens

ST Zundert-J&F Auto's
Nikos-Polychronopoulos-Jeffrey Jorissen
Roland Forthomme-Barry van Beers
Thorsten Frings-Therese Klompenhouwer
Francis Forton-Herman van Daalen

Aartsbouw-Dekker Keukens
Eddy Leppens- Ad Koorevaar
Dirk Weeremans-Gerwin Valentijn
Ronny Brants-Henk Blauwblomme
Ludo Kools-Richard Dekker

DKM Tools-Cues&Darts
Roland Uijtdewillegen-Ruben Legazpi
Jack Wijnen-Pierre Soumagne
Joey de Kok-Jack van Peer
Eddy Willems-Huub Wilkowski




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